10 More Bathroom Vanities That Will Leave you Breathless

These days there are seemingly endless style possibilities for bathroom fixtures, including vanities. This one item can completely change the look and vibe of your bathroom and turn it into a stunning retreat with increased functionality. In some homes vanities are more of a decorative element than anything else, serving as the highlight of the space and adding a unique architectural element. If you’re looking for a way to revamp your bathroom, here are ten gorgeous vanities that will give you design inspiration.

1. Gilded luxury

This bathroom contains a vanity that stands out because of its luxurious composition, as its actually plated with gold. It’s just one of a number of lavish finishes in a bathroom that features an opulent gold and white color scheme. The duo of shades is seen from floor to ceiling, as well as on a stunning soaking tub. This custom vanity is quite expensive, but the look can be recreated with more affordable finishes.

2. Repurposed trough

What’s remarkable about this bathroom is its vanity that’s made from a repurposed farm trough. It’s the perfect piece for this rustic chic space that also has reclaimed wood and vintage style pieces throughout. Some bathroom vanities, such as this one, aren’t terribly difficult to make yourself, and it’s an excellent option if you’re going for farmhouse, cottage, or modern country style decor.

3. Organic elements

Scattered rocks sit under a panel of glass and curved black bowls to form this unique and modern double vanity. The black color of it is sleek, and the rocks add an organic touch that’s visually interesting and a nice break from the norm. Plenty of storage sits below, and this vanity is refined enough to stand in as both a functional and decorative addition to the room.

4. An exotic flair

If you’re looking for bathroom vanities that have a look that’s exotic and different, consider one such as this. Its comprised of wood with shades of brown, gold, and black and it also has a chrome spout that provides contrast and a modern touch. The shape of this vanity adds to its gorgeous style and is a far cry from the typical rectangular and round vanities available on the market. It would look wonderful in a bathroom with Asian decor or one with a global, earthy modern, or minimalist style.

5. A recycled bicycle

It’s not often that anyone thinks to put a bicycle in their bathroom, but this is the rare exception. The vanity rests atop a repurposed bike and has a look that makes it an instant conversation piece — imagine the look on people’s faces as they see it, and what they’d say after using it and realizing that it actually works. Incredibly, the vanity doesn’t look bad at all and its aesthetic is well suited for the bathroom’s eclectic design. You could certainly DIY your own version of this creation, you’d just need to make sure you have enough space to accommodate it.

6. Bringing the outdoors in

Bathroom vanities that contain organic and natural elements are increasingly popular, and this one is one of the more creative ways to pull that off. It has a marble counter with a maze of branches underneath each sink. The vanity looks as if the branches are what’s holding it up, but it’s really a floating design. Custom wood cabinets and tiled mirrors provide beautiful complements to the double vanity’s style.

7. An interesting mix

If you’re trying to create an industrial look, you’ll find that the bathroom vanities available in stores don’t do much to accentuate that aesthetic. The good news is that building your own vanity is both possible and affordable, and you can use a wide variety of materials in your design. This industrial chic bathroom has a vanity made from a wine barrel and a textured metal bowl. It looks refreshingly different, is a visually interesting addition to the space, and even has enough storage room to make it practical. If you wanted to make a double vanity, you could use this one for inspiration and combine two wine barrels. As long as the materials that you use are waterproof and suitable for the humidity and moisture common in a bathroom, your DIY vanity should hold up well.

8. One of a kind

Here’s another vanity with a rustic and modern mix of styles, but its beauty is in its rugged simplicity. A simple piece of aged wood is suspended by chains and plays host to a sink and ample space to hold toiletries and decor. You could recreate this look even if you’re not an expert builder, and if you want something more elegant or refined than the wood seen here you could get a sturdy plank and stain, polish, or paint it to match your bathroom’s design. The fixtures and sink style that you choose will also have a major effect on the overall look of the finished vanity.

9. Waterfall sinks

While some luxurious bathrooms have waterfalls, the vanity in this one pours out water that looks like a flowing stream. This type of vanity would be a good alternative for those who want something that’s different and out of the ordinary, yet still chic, sophisticated, and contemporary. The gold and black color of the vanity sinks perfectly complement the material used for the counter top. This vanity is a double configuration, but it would look equally beautiful as a single sink vanity.

10. Grand style

Bathroom vanities that are ornate work well in traditional, classic European, and global style spaces. This one flaunts a beautifully curved base that’s paired with a golden sink, gold accents and plumbing, and a counter top that has a mix of deep tones. A large mirror hanging above complements the color scheme, scale, and profile of the vanity, as do two sconces placed on either side of it. There are plenty of decorative accents in this bathroom, but with a vanity that looks so impressive you truly don’t need to add much in the way of decor.

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