Yard Project? 6 Simple Ways to Prevent Damage and Waste

Nearly everyone spends a good amount of time trying to keep their yard tidy and getting the best possible use from it. As the weather warms, you might be thinking about new sod, planting a garden, trimming all the trees and bushes before summer growth begins, or just doing some much-needed lawn maintenance. Here are some ways to minimize the damage and help with cleanup.

1. Trim the Trees

If a tree is showing dead spots or fungus, it would be a good idea to severely trim it back or even remove it before the next storm knocks it over. Be sure to prune any branches near power lines or over rooftops. If the job looks too big or dangerous, call a tree service.

2. Reduce Flooding

Poor drainage can leave your yard saturated, threaten your home’s foundation, and make projects impossible. Make sure there is a slight incline away from any planned structure, about 6″ every 10 feet. If your property is in a low spot, consider making a berm, or mound of earth, to divert runoff. Plant it with grass or shrubs. Another idea is a dry well for that water to drain into.

3. Plant the Right Grass

Things like dog urine, heavy foot traffic, under-watering, and chemicals can weaken grass and introduce disease or fungus during home projects. If you’re digging, take the time to remove diseased grasses and replant with the right type of grass for your environment. Follow recommended practices for maintaining it.

4. Composting

If you have a garden, start composting your yard waste. Alternate layers of plant waste with layers of topsoil, and turn the material frequently to air it and accelerate the natural composting process. Cover it with a plastic sheet in rain or harsh sun.

5. Get a Dumpster

The best way to get your yard cleanup done all at once is to rent a dumpster. There’s no need to worry about composting or anything else if you don’t want to. Just gather up all the plant waste and rubbish from your project and toss it in. When it’s full, have it taken away, and your cleanup is done.

6. Chipper Shredder

A chipper shredder is designed to accommodate a wide variety of yard waste, from green leaves to branches. Some models can reduce these to chips a few millimeters in thickness. Chipper shredders are a great way to reduce ALL your yard waste into mulch for quick composting or bagging.

You may have many yard projects over time. Cleaning up and minimizing the potential damage is important so that your hard work adds to property value, not detracts from it.


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