5 Helpful Tips For Using Trulia Chicago To Find your Next Home


Over the years, advances in technology have changed many things in the world of real estate. Now, you can use various websites and apps to see what kind of houses, apartments, and condos are available before even contacting a real estate agent. In fact, some people skip the real estate agent all together and prefer to take things into their own hands. When it comes to using your own resources to search for your next home, Trulia Chicago is a very good tool. Not only is Trulia Chicago free, but it also makes it easy to search for homes that are for rent and for sale. Trulia can even put you in touch with a qualified real estate professional if that’s something you’re interested in. Keep reading for 5 helpful tips for using Trulia Chicago to find your next home.

Download the app

You can access Trulia from your computer, but downloading the mobile app will definitely make your life a little easier. By downloading the app, you’ll be able to use Trulia on the go to get information on nearby listings as well as getting updates sent directly to your phone or tablet.

Take advantage of search filters

Trulia Chicago offers a wide variety of filters that lets you make your search as specific as possible. By using the filters, you can make sure that you’re only seeing listings that are in your price range and have the amenities you want. This can help save you lots of time and energy by allowing you to avoid listings that aren’t what you’re looking for.

Research the neighborhood

Not only can Trulia Chicago help you sift through specific listings but it can also help you get more information about a particular area or neighborhood. This information on Trulia’s maps can include things such as the number of schools, the demographics, affordability, and crime reports. Knowing this information can be helpful because it can let you know whether or not a particular neighborhood fits your needs.

Read the blog

If you’re looking for some quick advice, or some more information on current events in the real estate world, Trulia’s blog section is the place to be. Posts in this section vary from celebrity listings to articles on how to save money for a down payment on your home.

Create a rental resume

One of the coolest features on Trulia is the rental resume. Creating a rental resume on Trulia Chicago allows you to upload your rental history into one clear format which makes it easier for landlords to determine whether or not you would make a qualified tenant. Having a rental resume can definitely help speed up your rental process.

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