Five Types of Wall Accents That Work Well in any Home

Wall accents

A wall accent is any item placed on a wall to draw more attention to the wall surface. Wall accents are achieved by using aesthetic items. There are several ways to achieve aesthetic wall surfaces by the use of wall accents. Some may be labor intensive than others while others may be cost-friendly than others. While selecting a wall accent, you should consider factors such as the cost, type of house and choice of the wall. Most importantly, you should consider the personality of the space user.

You should have a particular reason as to why you are opting for one feature and not the other. Great points upon which you can base your statement wall include dramatic architectural features such a vaulted ceiling or a unique piece of furniture. Wall accents can also be used to distinguish spaces. They are helpful in defining spaces that may have been combined into one large space. The following are five types of wall accents that can work in a home.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper Accent

Lately, wallpapers have been making a comeback in design. They come in many different designs that can work best for your accent wall. Some have patterns that are geometric while others are floral. You may also find wallpapers that have a combination of geometric and floral patterns. This type of wall accent is easy to interplay with since you can use a couple of wallpaper design to achieve your desired wall accent.

For instance, you may use wallpaper with birds in your bedroom or study room. The wallpaper would bring out a theme of nature. Nature is perceived as beautiful by most people. For instance, when you use wallpaper with birds, you will attract the eye to a particular wall. The bird wallpaper would be much suitable in residential houses. The prices of wallpapers differ from store to store and ranges between $10 and $75. Sometimes the price is over $75 due to the type of design or finish.

2. Wood

Wooden Wall Accent

This wall accent is a trend that seems to always get better with age. Wood is good in giving surfaces different vibes such as bold, vintage and chic. You can also stain on paint wood surfaces to customize a look on your wall. Wood as a wall accent is best used for houses that are owned by the dweller since it is installed permanently unlike other accents. Besides attracting the eye to the wall, wood also adds a layer of insulation in your room.

You can use wood for the entire wall or a part of the wall. For instance, you can arrange different shades of wood planks on a wall horizontally. Some of the planks may be left in their natural colors while the rest may be painted. You can couple the wall with some antique artifacts or wall hangings to improve on the wall accent you have used. Wood accents can be best used for some living rooms or studios in residential houses. The price of wood depends on the type of wood. For good quality wood, you may have to part with at least $190 per piece.

3. Watercolor


This wall accent is among the newest trends in the world of interior design. You may be wondering how you will achieve uniqueness with this. Well, there are countless ways of using watercolor on your wall. There is no specific patterns to apply watercolor on a wall. Therefore, you will achieve a statement wall that is 100% unique and completely customized for you.

Watercolors can do best for living rooms and bedrooms of residential houses or lounges of social places. Since color influences mood in a space, you should select watercolors that suit the use of your space. Remember, you want to achieve focus on a wall, so ensure the watercolor art is outstanding. In using watercolors, for instance, you can spatter creatively on the wall or draw a feature like a face or an animal that you like. With $75, you can get quality watercolors that will help you create an accent for your wall.

4. Paint

Paint Wall accent

In most houses around the world, it is almost a necessity to have both exterior and interior walls painted. Use of paint on walls is intended to boost the appearance of the wall surface. You can illustrate a pattern or use a solid color on the wall. Using paint is quite simpler than using watercolor since there is slightly less creativity involved especially when using a solid color. However, you should invest in the best painter’s tape to ensure that you get the best results.

One good example of using paint is using red paint on alternating wall surfaces in social places such as restaurants. The paint will look attractive and influence the mood of the space. Another example is painting your bedroom wall in a herringbone pattern. The pattern will draw much focus on the wall due to many aspects such as color and use of line. This wall accent is suitable for commercial and residential houses depending on how you paint your wall. Painting your wall can cost you an average of $28 per gallon of paint and $12 for a good brush.

5. Tapestries


Tapestries have been known to add aesthetic value to most surfaces. They are well patterned and colorful. Whether you use it on the wall or on the floor, you are sure to achieve an accent. This type of wall accents is among the most preferred for interior spaces because it is easy to install. The wall accent is a piece of art by itself so it will most certainly attract attention to your wall.

You can hang a tapestry article in your living room to break the monotony on a wall and achieve an accent wall. For instance, you can hang a richly colored tapestry piece on a wall behind a couch in your living room. You can also use tapestry sparingly in office spaces of commercial houses. For instance, you can have the tapestry on the wall of a reception area in an office. Tapestries are among the most affordable and readily available wall accents. A piece that suits your wall may go for as low as $8.

These wall accents will no doubt give your wall an appealing look. Whichever you choose, remember you want the wall to stand out. Therefore, avoid using any dull items that may negate your efforts. You need to do your research on the best prices for every item to make sure you work within you budget. Use the wall accents creatively and you will be amazed at how much attention you attract to your wall.


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