The 15 Best Lego Tables You Have To See

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Building with LEGO is not just a hobby; it’s a timeless pastime loved by all. However, keeping those tiny pieces organized can be a challenge. That’s where LEGO tables come into play. These clever furniture pieces provide a dedicated building space and offer storage solutions.

Small Lego Table with Big Drawer


An excellent choice for outdoor play is a compact LEGO table with a built-in drawer, which offers convenience and comfort for kids on the move. Constructing this handy bench requires a few tools and materials, including a sturdy plywood sheet, a saw, sandpaper, wood stain, a sliding drawer, and nails. 

DIY Lego Table Under 30 Minutes


If you’re seeking a swift solution for your LEGO plate setup, look no further than this 30-minute craft! Fortunately, this DIY project is simple, making it accessible even for beginners. You can attach a LEGO plate to a plywood and secure it atop hairpin legs.

Lego On End Table


Transform an end table using Lego bricks. An old or discarded piece can be repurposed as the perfect platform for your LEGO plate. While minimal effort is required, you can enhance it further by adding a fresh coat of paint.

Repurposing Wooden Table With Lego


Utilizing the side table from your child’s room is an excellent choice for this project, especially if it comes with back support. Additionally, you have enough space underneath to store the blocks for easy access. 

Lego Table with Underneath Storage


These spacious furnishings with ample cache are ideal additions to play areas and children’s art rooms. They offer convenient organization for all your LEGO supplies. This sizable setup streamlines the process of sorting bricks and adds an intriguing visual element to the space.

Large Lego Table With Drawers


Consider these expansive Lego desks with built-in repositories made using IKEA Lack tables, IKEA drawers, and slides. This generous setup allows for swift and efficient organization of all your Lego supplies.

Modern-Style Lego Table

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This modern-style Lego bench is perfect for your preschoolers. They’ll delight in crafting their favorite structures and playing with blocks on this sleek work surface. You can place this stylish furnishing anywhere in your home for added flair and functionality.

Ikea Lego Table Hack

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Have you ever considered repurposing old containers into a LEGO table? Gather LEGO base plates, sturdy glue, an IKEA table, bins, and cutting blades. The exciting part? You can cut the LEGO base into any desired shape to fit perfectly on the table.

Lego Table From Two Tier End Table


Convert an old two-tier end table into a Lego top for added functionality. With two tiers, you’ll also gain extra space or a convenient spot to place bins to organize your LEGO pieces.

Toddler Lego and Art Table with Storage

Designing a LEGO unit for your toddler who loves these toys is entirely feasible. However, it’s vital to customize the table to their height, ensuring they can comfortably stand and play. Fortunately, obtaining a suitable workbench for your little LEGO enthusiast is easily achievable.

Two Themed Lego Table

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If none of your children can keep their hands off the Lego games, this idea is for you. Use a ribbon to divide a large table into two equal parts and paint each side a different color. Then, let the little ones decorate their sides using Lego blocks.    

Wooden Train Table to Lego Table Conversion


Turn an old wooden train table into a Lego table to surprise your kid on his or her birthday. Designing the table in the center ensures easy access for little ones. Additionally, use the side area of the worktop to store or arrange all the LEGO parts.

From Coffee Table to Lego Table


Refurbish a coffee table from your living area or patio into a versatile and stylish play area for your infants with LEGO parts. Interestingly, you won’t have to start from scratch if you repurpose an existing worktable.

Portable Lego Tray Play Table

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Create a tray-style portable LEGO table for children to enjoy playing with their favorite toys. This fixture is one of the most captivating DIY ideas, as it is easy to make. You can also fashion it using a serving tray made of wood.

Study-Lego Table


This table also serves as an ideal spot for kids to study or do their homework when they’re not busy playing. This dual functionality eliminates the need for a separate investment in a study table.


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