10 Telephone Tables Perfect For Contemporary Use

The days of having a house phone are almost completely a thing of the past. So, you may be wondering what use a telephone table could be in modern times. While it’s true that telephone tables were initially used as a place to put your home telephone, these small tables can also make great accessories for your living or bedroom. Ideal for holding a beautiful picture or small statue, a telephone table can be a nice accessory to your home’s modern design. If you love mixing the styles of the past with the flavor of the present, you’ll certainly appreciate these tables. Take a look at 10 telephone tables perfect for contemporary use. 

DHP Rosewood Tall End Table

This item can make the perfect side table to place next to your couch or chair. A bottom shelf also provides a little bit of extra storage space.

Winsome Wood Shelf

If you have magazines or books you’d like to put on display, this item will allow you to do just that.

HollyHOME 2 Tier Bamboo Sofa Side End Table

Made from eco-friendly material, this telephone table is easy to assemble and can be used for multiple purposes.

Crown Mark Pierce Chair Side Table

If you do still have a house phone, this table is the perfect place to put it on display. A spacious design also allows this table to be used for storing other items.

StealStreet SS-Edb-EN32172 11.4 inch Wooden Telephone Table

This tiny telephone table is perfect for holding a plant or a beautiful family photo that you’d like to put on display.

Leick Shaker Square End Table

This beautiful oak table can make a great side table for your living room or even a nightstand for your bedroom.

MOMENTUM FURNISHINGS PBF-0287-303 Cherry Telephone Stand

Simple and sturdy, this table may have designed to hold a telephone it can be used for so much more than that.

Legacy Decor Mission Style Telephone Stand

Although this item has a bit of antique design, it can still blend in perfectly with your home’s modern decor.

Black Pine Wood Two Drawer Side Table Phone Plant Stand

Boasting two drawers and a shelf, this little table comes with plenty of storage for all of your favorite small items.

Frenchi Furniture Antique Regalia Table Collection

This telephone table manages to be both elegant and simple all at once, and made with a durable and sturdy design.


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