Technologies That Are Changing The Way You Shower

Shower Design

Getting clean doesn’t have to boring. Ever since the invention of the suction based rubber duckie, consumers have wanted a more sophisticated shower experience. Today’s showers are fancier, larger, and serve as a status statement, not just a place to scrub down those dirty elbows. The bathroom is a personal place, so why not have it decked out to reflect your own personal style?

Keeping up with the demand of the discerning indoor water lover, some companies have gone the extra mile to invent cool gadgets from the functional to the entertaining. Whether you love to sing, meditate, or just relax in the shower, there’s plenty of toys being invented to transform the everyday shower routine.

1. Aquanotes


Some people come up with their best ideas while alone in the shower, so why not have a handy place to jot them down? The Aquanotes Waterproof Pad makes shower time productive, as you can work on a speech, write your grocery list, or even leave a note for the kids in a place they are sure to see it. If they didn’t get your message, be sure to give them the sniff test, as this pad is smudge proof even under water! So start writing down those ideas for your first novel, or leave a helpful reminder on your Aquanotes shower writing board.

Aquanotes makes many types of pads from plain note pad packs, to a Love Birds pack of pads that help you express yourself with an affectionate message to that spouse of yours that you hardly get to see. You can also get pre-printed pads with word searches or mazes, to get kids to look forward to shower time with Aquanotes pads.

2. Moxie Shower Head and Speaker

Moxie Shower Head

Who says electronics and water don’t mix? Not when it’s a speaker safely embedded in a luxurious shower head. This Bluetooth speaker pairs with your computer, tablet, or iPod to let you enjoy up to 7 hours of entertainment, without using a clunky shower radio. Sing along with your favorite songs without having to prop your speaker on the toilet seat. The sprayer has 60 angled nozzles and has all of the basic features of a Kohler shower head, plus built-in Bluetooth! You can see a demo video of this trendy, all in one product, right here.

Don’t take a chance on your expensive cell phone taking a bath. Even if your current Bluetooth earpiece is water resistant, you need to be able to scrub that area, at least once in a while. Plus, your mate may have to find a better excuse to take his phone into the shower with him or her, once you have a shower head with built in Bluetooth. Once you experience this all in one marvel, you’ll wonder how you ever did without The Moxie Shower Head and Speaker.

3. The Shower Manager


Anyone who has ever pounded on a bathroom door needs this gadget. It’s a programmable timer that can be set for five to eight minutes. It’s the perfect solution for roommates, or for parents who have to shower at the gym because their teenagers use up all the hot water. The Shower Manager is advertised as The Shower Timer that Cuts the Flow. It can be programmed to let the shower run from 5-11 minutes. It does give a one minute warning before shutoff, giving the person60precious seconds to rinse off quick. This handy device has been featured on HGTV and The Early Show, and is gaining popularity with parents who are tired of playing bathroom police. Make those 30 minute showers a thing of the past, and instill good habits in your kids about not wasting water with The Shower Manager.

The Shower Manager helps manage your utility budget as well, saving money on fuel used to heat up all that extra hot water, as well as water bill costs. Great for economy, environment, and your nerves, this device is a must-have for every family.

4. The Touch America Vichy Shower

The Touch America Vichy Shower

Why get up to shower when the Touch America Vichy Shower lets you get a spa style shower at home? This incredible device, sold by Buddha Massage Tables, is mainly meant for spa use, but why not add this handy device and a waterproof table to your custom bathroom? If you have an elderly parent who requires hygiene care and cannot stand on their own, treat them, and their care worker, to an in home device that’s safer and more comfortable than the old fashioned shower chair. It’s not only perfect both for those who have trouble standing in the shower, but also for those who may prefer to lie down for a restful shower experience.

If you love the position of a tub bath, but hate lying in your own dirty water, this shower is for you. Pair it with a massage table with built in drain and you have a spa in your bathroom. It features a 72″ standard Rainbar that swings out of the way for easy on and off the table and a thermostatic mixing valve. The Touch America Vichy Shower also features a hand held wand to get into those crooks and crevices. You’ll definitely want your friends to use your bathroom to show off this luxury shower. You may, however,have to deal with guests wanting to stay the night so they can experience a lie down shower in the morning.

5. ButterFeet Motorized Shower Foot Exfoliator


This one-of-a kind battery operated shower safe foot exfoliator lets you removed dry skin while you shower. Their website claims this easy to use product is the perfect solution to remove dry skin when your feet are soft and wet. It has a non-slip base, hands free on and off switch, and spinning dome diamond texture to get your calloused skin butter soft in no time. It’s great for foot treatment between pedicures, but also for those who don’t have the time or money to have a professional aesthetician work on those dry patches.

This product is great for year round use, but is especially helpful to own during the summer season, when feet go bare or are showcased in strappy sandals.


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