20 Beautiful Bathrooms With Glass Showers

bathroom design with glass shower

Bathrooms don’t usually get the love they deserve. Although people are mainly concerned with bedrooms, living, and dining spaces, most people actually spend more time in their bathrooms than they care to admit. In fact, the bathroom is one of the few places most people can go to enjoy some peace and quiet. But while they are easily the most important rooms in any house, most people probably don’t spend too much time thinking about their bathrooms or what they can do to make them better.

However, bathroom design is just as important as the design in any other room. With that being said, glass showers are one of the best ways to take your bathroom to another level. These sleek showers can really add a touch of luxury to your space, and make showering a whole new experience. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, there’s a glass shower out there that will fit perfectly in your space. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your bathroom, a glass shower is definitely the way to do. Here are 20 beautiful bathrooms with glass showers.

large glass shower

image via lushome.com

large bathroom with glass shower

image via www.walnutvalleyglass.com

modern bathroom with frameless glass shower

image via decoist.com

minimalist bathroom with glass shower

image via oldenbuzz.com

modern glass shower

image via decorationstree.com

yellow glass shower

image via margertpepe.tk

glass shower with ceramic tile

image via www.ccplateandmirror.com

large glass shower and enclosed tub

image via www.renmenbi.com

beautiful glass shower with blue tile

image via www.freshpalace.com

contemporary glass shower

image via luvne.com

stylish bathroom with beautiful glass shower

image via edwahoo.com

master bathroom with glass shower

image via www.homestratosphere.com

contemporary bathroom with accent wall and glass shower

image via zillow.com

marble bathroom with glass shower

image via freshpalace.com

bathroom with frameless glass shower

image via www.skywindowsnj.com

all white bathroom with glass shower

image via kbplushome.com

gray bathroom with glass shower

image via photos.hgtv.com

glass shower with wood flooring

image via farsimusic.net

master bedroom with floating vanity and glass shower

image via thewinephotographer.com


image via www.highwayswest.com

lead image via comfortablehomedesign.com



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