10 Styling Options for Your Bedroom Windows

The type of window that you have in a room will impact its aesthetics far more than the window treatments that embellish it. Some bedroom windows are decorative enough to stand on their own without any drapes, shades, or curtains. The windows in your room will affect its style as well as the amount of natural light that’s allowed to flood the area, and just about any type of window can be customized to suit your tastes.

Here are ten great styling options for bedroom windows.

1. A graceful curve

Here, the shape of the window works with the rest of the elements in the bedroom, and the result is a space that looks and feels elegant. Richly colored fabrics and a vintage art print lend the space a regal air, and sheer window treatments in a lovely light green help accent the bottom half of the large window.

2. Clean and modern window niche

An inviting window niche brings visual interest and adds a seating area to this bedroom, which is otherwise quite bare. The niche and its folding panels provide most of the color that’s in the space. While the walls are left empty, there’s no other furniture but a bed, and the bedding is pure white, the niche contains a set of four colorful pillows in coordinating shades. An abstract light fixture near the window adds decoration as well as extra illumination.

3. Letting the outside in

There are two sets of bedroom windows in this modern space: one long horizontal panel above the bed, and another set of four large windows that take up a wall. The scene outside of the bedroom is filled with towering trees, and the decor of the room obviously takes its cues from the home’s natural surroundings. If you want an organic look and feel that pays homage to your surrounding area, aim to keep your color palette and decor simple and neutral.

4. Windows for an incredible view

If you have a bedroom that’s located in an area with a fabulous view, why not make the most of it? The bedroom windows here are floor to ceiling glass panels that are meant to maximize the ocean view directly outside. Absolutely no window treatments were needed in this minimalist and modern space, and the scenery outside is as much a decorative element as the items inside of the home. A small fireplace near the bed with smaller glass panels mimics the look of the windows and melds into the room beautifully.

5. The updated French corner window

The French corner window is timeless and often seen in rooms with a traditional or classic aesthetic. In this very modern bedroom, French corner windows get an update with a bold frame, flowing curtain panels, and neutral Roman shades. The window in this bedroom anchors a small seating area, and it looks gorgeous with the rest of the space’s furniture and decor. A wall of art prints covers the wall above the bed, and a pair of striking lamps coordinate with the fabric chosen for the room’s window treatments.

6. A collection of glass panels

Smaller bedrooms can benefit greatly from having large windows. Not only does this let in the most natural light possible, it also makes modestly sized rooms look and feel more spacious. In this relaxing retreat, window panels take up an entire wall and provide a sweeping view of the city. Benches topped with soft throws are placed beneath the large window and not only serve as seating, but add much needed storage as well. The wall opposite the bedroom windows is covered in custom wallpaper that reflects the color palette seen throughout the space.

7. Windows that serve as artwork

Stained glass windows aren’t usually thought of for the bedroom, but they can definitely work there. This stylish and well put together space has two bedroom windows that feature matching stained glass panels. To complement rather than detract from their appearance, the rest of the decor, patterns, and furniture in the room are subdued. The colors in the area rug that anchor the bed are found in the windows, helping to nicely tie the room’s design together.

8. A breezy radius window

Radius bedroom windows are ideal if you want to let in ample light, and they can even work in smaller spaces such as this one. French doors were added here not only for their look, but for function and to lead to a private terrace. This window is dramatic all by itself, so the rest of the decor in the room is kept very clean and simple. Pops of color throughout the space that coordinate with the curtain panels help give this casual and contemporary look cohesiveness.

9. Masculine and industrial

The style of bedroom windows in this space shared by brothers is perfect for the architecture of the home. Exposed brick and great wood panel flooring are classic loft elements, and the industrial style window keeps the room looking quite masculine while also letting in plenty of natural light. If you’re working with a window that’s high up like this one, you may be able to forgo window treatments altogether as was done in this room.

10. Classic louvered windows

Louvered windows, also known as jalousie windows, contain parallel segments of glass set in a frame, and they’re excellent for bedrooms where a nice flow of air and greater ventilation are desired. When paired with a natural art print, fresh greenery, and palm leaf print bedding, these windows help create a breezy island feel. The updated wicker seating and neutral color palette of the room also contribute a very relaxed and calm vibe.


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