Simple Guide to Buying and Selling Jewelry on Craigslist


If you are interested in either buying jewelry or selling jewelry, you should consider using an online classifieds service such as Craigslist. After all, you can reach a lot more buyers and sellers by using the Internet than by using brick-and-mortar stores, meaning that you have a much better chance of getting the kind of deal that you desire and deserve. However, it is important to note that buying and selling on Craigslist comes with its own particular challenges, meaning that you could end up getting scammed or even worse if you are not prepared for them.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to avoid the dangers of buying and selling jewelry on Craigslist:

Watch Out For Fake Posts

Some of the posts on Craigslist are real, while others are not. As a result, you need to have some way for telling one from the other, which will not just reduce your chances of falling for someone’s scam but also save you a fair amount of time and effort in the process. First and foremost, real posts tend to be rather simple and straightforward in nature, meaning that you should watch out if you see a post that seems more complicated than it needs to be. Second, real posts will have pictures that were taken by the poster rather than sourced from the Internet, meaning that you should use a search engine such as Google to check their origins whenever you see something. For what it is worth, there are real posts that will fail to follow these two rules, but they tend to be the exceptions rather than the rule.

Believable Vs. Unbelievable Posts

If something seems too good to be true, then chances are good that is the case. As a result, you should make sure to learn a little something about what jewelry is worth before you start buying and selling on the Internet, which you should be able to do by searching around on similar sites and consulting brick-and-mortar jewelers from time to time. This way, you can tell when a post seems too good to be true, which should put you on your guard even if you are tempted to respond on the off-chance that you can get a good deal on what you want.

Gauge Behavior

On a related note, you should pay close attention to your counterpart’s behavior, which can provide useful information about whether they are operating in good faith or not. For example, if you notice that your counterpart is putting pressure on you to make a fast decision, that could be a sign that they are attempting to make you make a mistake that will leave you open to exploitation in the process. Similarly, if they are making extravagant promises but refuse to back up those claims by providing basic proof, you should cut off contact at that point instead of continuing with someone who cannot be trusted.

Meet In Real Life

Craigslist transactions are not guaranteed, meaning that you should never hand over your cash over the Internet. Instead, you should arrange a meet-up in real life, which should be possible with Craigslist posts because they are much more local in nature than other sites. However, you should never meet up in a private place because that can leave you vulnerable to personal harm carried out by unscrupulous individuals, which leaves public places. Generally speaking, a bank is perfect, both because banks tend to be well-protected and because they make it convenient to withdraw cash as needed. Alternatively, if you are really concerned about your personal well-being, ask to meet up at your local police station if that is possible for your maximum peace of mind.

Tell Someone About Your Plans

Before you head out, you should make sure to tell someone about where you are going as well as what you are planning to do. For that matter, you should arrange to make a call after you have finished your business, meaning that your contact will know whether you are okay or not. Finally, if you are feeling particularly concerned about what could happen, you should ask someone to come along with you because there is safety in numbers.

Always Ask For Cash

Speaking bluntly, you should always ask for cash rather than settle for some other payment option because it reduces the chance of you being cheated in some manner. For example, you can get a fake check if you are willing to take checks, which will not just see you cheated but could also get you into serious trouble with your bank when you deposit it. As always, cash is not just the safest and most straightforward method but also the safest and more secure, meaning that you should accept no substitutes.

Check the Jewelry

Make sure to get a good look at the jewelry before you finalize the transaction because the reality may or may not match the pictures that you have already seen. Furthermore, you should make sure to double-check that your jewelry is really your jewelry even if you refuse to finalize the deal because there have been cases when scammers have swapped out real pieces of jewelry so as to leave their victims holding onto nothing but complete and utter fakes. The more familiar that you are with your jewelry, the smaller the chances that you will be cheated by your counterpart in a potential transaction.


In the end, the most important factor in ensuring the successful buying and selling of jewelry on Craigslist is maintaining a sense of caution even when presented with amazing opportunities. There is no shame in you being eager to make a good deal for yourself, but there is plenty of shame in letting that eagerness overcome your sense of judgment, which is what will make the difference between success and failure when it comes to any transaction conducted using the Internet.


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