Selling Your Home? 3 Reasons Working With A Real Estate Agent Is Worth It

If you are putting your home on the market, you should let a real estate agent help you sell it. While it may be tempting to go through the selling process on your own, an agent has connections and other resources that you may not have access to. What are some specific benefits to partnering with a professional who sells homes for a living?


Agents Can Show Your Home When You Cannot

A real estate agent, like the professionals at Realty One Group Eastside, can show your home whenever it is convenient for a buyer even if you cannot be there. This could be extremely beneficial to you if you have a hectic work schedule, or if your house in on the market for a bit longer than you were anticipating. You trust the real estate agent to effectively show your home, and help take the stress and pressure off of you. In fact, it may be better that you are not there during a showing. This makes it easier for a buyer to imagine the home as a clean slate that he or she can manipulate to fit his or her needs. If you try to sell the home on your own, you might have to miss work or other events to show you home to a buyer.


Real Estate Agents Can Show Your Listing To Thousands Of People

You may think that your social media presence is a large and robust one. However, a real estate agent will have thousands of people following them on Twitter or an email list filled with thousands of names. In most cases, their reach is much larger than yours, which makes it in your best interest to hire an agent and gain access to those resources. An agent will also know how to word your listing to ensure that the home is seen in a positive light despite any perceived flaws that it may have. This will also take more pressure off of you and will help you focus on finding a new house and other pertinent projects that need your time.


Your Agent Can Negotiate With A Buyer’s Agent

A typical buyer is going to have a real estate agent representing his or her interests. This person will likely try to get you to lower your price or provide other concessions that you may not need to give. Therefore, it is important that you have someone looking out for your interests as well. A good seller’s agent will ensure that your home is listed at a reasonable price and that you ultimately receive that price when the property sells.


Selling a home is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge. Therefore, you should hire a real estate agent who understands the process and can help you complete it in a timely manner. While you may have to pay your agent a commission, paying 3 percent on $100,000 is a lot better than watching your home linger on the market for weeks or months after you list it.

Written by Emma Sturgis