10 Room Dividers To Help Separate Your Space With Style

Room dividers can come in very handy. Whether you live in a studio apartment or have a large bedroom that you’d like to split in two, room dividers offer an easy and inexpensive way to make the most of your space. Sure, when some people think of dividers they may instantly envision an unsightly looking ‘fake’ wall plopped into the middle of a room, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Room dividers can be attractive and flexible. Here are 10 room dividers to help separate your space with style.

Legacy Decor 4-Panel Plum Blossom Screen Room Divider

Are you looking for a room divider that has a little bit of flair? This four panel Japanese style divider can help you break up your space and keep everything looking good.

Coaster Home Furnishings Oriental Shoji 4 Panel Folding Privacy Screen Room Divider

One of the best things about room dividers is that they can add a sense of privacy to almost any room in your home or office.

Giantex 6 Panel Screen Room Divider Wood Folding Oriental Freestanding Tall Partition

Functional and perfect for an apartment, this divider is modern, durable, and stylish. It has the ability to add something to your space without taking anything away from it.

Best Choice Products Home Accents 4 Panel Room Divider

Designed to be used as a room divider or a decorative accent, this item can work well in almost any space.

ONXO Room Divider Curtain Total Privacy Office Divider Multifunctional Curtain

If a solid standalone divider isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you may want to consider a nice curtain style divider.

Deluxe Woven Brown Bamboo 4 Panel Folding Room Divider Screen w/ Removable Storage Shelves

Designed to accommodate two removable wooden shelves, this divider can also double as additional room for storage.

Decorative Freestanding Brown Woven Bamboo 4 Panel Hinged Privacy Screen Portable Folding Room Divider

Aside from adding a sense of privacy, room dividers can also help change the shape of your space to help you achieve the look you want without costing you a lot of time and/or money.

Roundhill Furniture 3-Panel Screen Room Divider

Fully assembled and made to fit easily into any room, this divider could be the perfect solution to make a small studio apartment seem bigger.

Kamal The Lotus Antique White 4 Panel Handcrafted Wood Room Divider Screen

Some people want dividers that won’t get too much attention, but others want something they can show off. If you’re a part of the second group, you’ll definitely appreciate this item.

Decorative Chinese Calligraphy Design Wood & Bamboo Hinged 4 Panel Screen

Decorated with a Chinese theme, this beautiful freestanding divider is functional, practical, and stunning.


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