10 Great Outdoor Light Options for Your Home

Outdoor Lighting

Looking to create a yard that is further ahead in technology and beauty than your neighbors? One of the best methods of doing so is making the property usable at night. With busy schedules and long hours, most homeowners are not able to enjoy the yard until the evening. Therefore, by adding outdoor lights, you can transform your yard into usable space at all times.

Most do not realize that their yard as an entirely new room that has not yet been fully explored. There are many options to go beyond the traditional light bulb at the doorway. A good lighting system can provide Zen-esque properties to any environment. It will help you rediscover the entire perimeter of the property and make it fun to entertain guests and even highlight points of interest within the yard including fountains and sculptures.

The following is a list of 10 great outdoor light options for your home.

Artisan Lights

Artisan lights can set the perfect mood and ambience for an evening with a loved one, the entire family or even during a gathering. They add personality and whimsy to any yard when placed properly. Use artisan outdoor lights to illuminate a dining area during a dinner party or light the pathway through your yard or garden. Such designs include, conventional British styles, rustic looking hanging lights and different types of lanterns that will transport you back to the days before electricity.

Chinese Lanterns

Speaking of lanterns, Chinese lanterns can be hung from the trees to create a really magical moment. Brightly colored Chinese lanterns can really set the mood with different color options for different occasions. These lighting fixtures are typically constructed from nylon and silk for durability while remaining lightweight. They are available in all shapes and sizes for the perfect location in your backyard.

Cool Lights

With regards to color temperature, moonlight is much bluer than standard indoor lighting and therefore considered to be on the cool end of the spectrum. There are different lighting color temperatures that create a natural moonlit look. Try illuminating a patio with several overhead moonlights to really create a nighttime ambience.

Patio Moonlight


Hydrangeas plants love outdoor lights and can be the center stage of your yard. They dramatically reflect light when in bloom but also create shadows during the winter because of faded blooms and leaves. When highlighting any plant with outdoor lights, it is smart to think about what it will look like in all seasons, especially when using the plant and lighting to hide unattractive fixtures. Even in the winter, the hydrangeas will hide the fixtures and still provide ample reflectivity from the up-lighting.


LED’s (light-emitting diodes) continue to be one of the most recent trends in outdoor lights due to their low energy requirements and adjustable lighting. They currently light up televisions, laptops and car dashboards so why not your backyard as well? They are best used in creating an effect, design and style so the goal is not to get a large amount of light from them. Instead, they are best used for accenting certain areas, paths or plants.

Low-Voltage Lighting

Another emerging trend in the outdoor lighting industry is low-voltage lighting. Most homes in the United States utilize 120-volts of power for their lighting fixtures. However, low-voltage lighting only uses 12-volts thus eliminating the requirement for deep trenches in the yard to run the wiring. Low-voltage lighting is flexible so it can be used for up-lighting (lighting objects above the outdoor lights) and down-lighting (lighting objects underneath the light source) while saving you money on

LED Lights

Moon Lighting

As with cool lights, moonlighting in trees can offer the effect of real moonlight across the entire yard. To get the most natural look, place the lights as high in the tree as possible and keep the fixtures hidden as much as a possible. Moon lighting in trees near the home as well as the taller trees creates a woodsy feel and eliminates the need for path fixtures along walking areas.

Reflector Light

Unlike LED’s reflector lights were made to create a large amount of light. The greatest difference between the two lighting sources is their energy usage. Reflector lighting utilizes a significant amount of energy because of the 35-watt lamp. On the other hand, LED lighting only utilizes one watt and most are programmable to maximize efficiency while decreasing energy usage. Nevertheless, reflector lights are ideal for up-lighting the front of the house or a specific section of your yard.


Spotlights can be affixed on a certain monument, statue, fountain or other object in your yard. They are typically used for eye-catching and dramatic appeal in order to draw attention to a specific area. Spotlights come in a variety of sizes including the MR-11 which is the smallest spotlight available on the market. There are even spotlights made for underwater lighting of pools, rivers, fountains and small waterfalls to really make them the focal point of the yard.

Pool Lighting

Water Features

Another recent trends in outdoor lights for the home is to backlight and up-light water features, such as a waterfalls, which have been landscaped in the yard. Although this does not naturally occur in nature, it can become the focal point of any front or backyard as the lighting really makes it pop. Water features can especially be beautiful when paired with pool lighting.

Many of these outdoor lights have a variety of fixtures and wires that could decrease the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Therefore, to hide the light fixtures, pile rocks around them. In addition to ensuring that nobody has a glare in their eye, the light will peek out from under the rocks providing a magical look.

These ten outdoor lights can transform your yard from an average property to a magnificent experience. When you put the home up on the market to sell, this can be a major focus point to the buyers. With so many different lighting options available, you can really turn your yard into a place where everyone in the family (and neighborhood) will want to gather and relax after a long day.

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