Never Do These Things in a Hotel Room


Hotel rooms are a welcome refuge since they’re a temporary sanctuary away from home. Who doesn’t enjoy lounging on a comfy mattress while munching on snacks courtesy of room service? But before kicking off those shoes, keep these staycation do’s and don’ts handy to avoid ruining that dream holiday.

Assuming the Bed is Squeaky Clean


Staying in a five-star hotel doesn’t guarantee cleanliness. This is why guests must carefully inspect the bedspread for any creepy crawlies prior to crawling under the covers. Checking for hotel reviews is also key to avoiding an itchy scenario. After all, nobody wants to start a vacation with a rash!

Be Wary of Using the Free Wi-Fi

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Beware the allure of free hotel Wi-Fi! In the digital realm, sending sensitive info over unsecured networks is akin to a public announcement. Protect data by encrypting any online ventures with a VPN for a cyber-safe stay. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when banking online.

Be a Responsible Fur Parent

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Resist the temptation to sneak in a four-legged sidekick! Unless that chosen lodging rolls out the red carpet for pets, declaring their presence is recommended to keep extra costs at bay. Hairs, paw prints, and lingering scents are like breadcrumbs, and breaking the rules will skyrocket those cleaning fees.

The Deadbolt is Your Friend


Skip the “secure enough” mindset and deadbolt that hotel door immediately. Mistakes can occur at any time, like accidental walk-ins or meeting a stranger inside the room. If there’s any rule one shouldn’t miss, it’s this one. Prioritize safety first above all else!

Hotel Policies Are There for a Reason

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Here’s the scoop: hotels play hardball with their no-smoking and noise rules, which is why breaking them might unleash a financial storm on anyone’s budget. This is where good manners come into play! Be the savvy traveler; stick to the rules and keep that wallet happy.

Use the Do Not Disturb Sign Wisely

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Embrace the power of the “Do Not Disturb” sign – it’s not just a privacy shield; it’s our eco-hero cape! By cutting back on unnecessary housekeeping, we’re lightening the load for the hardworking cleaning crew and giving a high-five to sustainability. 

Clean Everything Before Using

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Many hotel rooms have coffee makers waiting to be used in the morning, tucked away in some quiet corner. Just like the neglected glasses and remote controls, the cleanliness of the coffee maker isn’t sure. The solution? Give it a good rinse!

Don’t be a Scrooge at Tipping

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Let’s go over the most basic rule of hotel protocol: the daily gratuity for the housekeeper. Leaving a tip properly is more important than simply leaving one. Not only would this gesture mean a lot to them, but it would elevate any traveler’s entire hotel experience.

Skip Splurging at the Mini-bar

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Exercise caution when taking a drink from the mini-bar. Those enticing goodies may be watching from their chilly sanctuaries, but they’re also sneaky price gougers in the hotel industry. Instead, head out to the nearest grocery store and grab some chips to eat with that ice-cold drink.

Keep it On the Floor

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It’s undeniable that our suitcase is a globetrotting superhero, tackling grimy airport floors and maybe even doing the tango with a few questionable surfaces. Give it the star treatment by placing it on a luggage rack. Let’s keep the travel grime where it belongs: far away from our cozy sleeping quarters.

Use That Safe to Be Safe


There’s a reason why most hotels place these bulky boxes in all rooms; it’s to keep valuables secure. With the increased hotel break-ins nowadays, it would make sense to be prudent and add another layer of protection. Go ahead and remove that mental burden – stash that cash inside the safe!

Don’t be a Messy Bessy

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The privilege of having the hotel staff make the bed and maintain room orderliness is a hallmark of the hospitality experience. Yet, that doesn’t mean we can be as messy as we want. By being mindful, customers help keep the hotel running smoothly and show appreciation for the hardworking housekeeping staff.

Keep that Temper in Check

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In the current travel landscape, stress levels have soared due to staffing shortages affecting various industries, including hotels. Taking a calmer and more accommodating stance might help make things easier for both customers and businesses who are short-handed. Don’t forget to smile and thank them for their efforts!

Stay Away from the Sprinklers

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Hanging coats from the ceiling-mounted fire sprinklers is not only an impractical but also a dangerous idea. This behavior might set off a hotel’s fire alarm and lead to pipe bursts, flooding the rooms extensively.

Checkout Like a Grownup

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Conclude that staycation with ease, and don’t forget to check out at the front desk once that vacation ends. It’s easier to do so rather than leave without telling anyone. This way, the staff won’t have trouble prepping the room for the next guest.


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