The 5 Most Expensive Zip Codes In The United States

The Manhattan skyline is viewed from Brooklyn

For some people, the zip code they live in is incredibly important. Although for most us, zip codes are nothing more  than parts of our mailing address, for others they are symbols of status and success. Aside from mail, zip codes determine the quality of nearby schools, housing, and other things. With that being said, it’s no secret that certain zip codes cost more to live in than others. Some people even spend years trying to move to a specific zip code, and while it may seem petty, the reality is that quality of life can vary greatly from zip code to zip code. So, which zip codes will cost you the most? Here are the 5 most expensive zip codes in the United States.

33462 Manalapan, FL

Like many other states, what it costs to live in Florida varies from place to place. While there are some places in Florida where many of the residents are living well below the poverty line, there are also places like Manalapan. Living in beautiful Manalapan is anything but cheap, and the average price for a house in the area is $7.8M.

11075, 10065, 10012, 10014, 10024, 10021 New York, NY

Seeing several zip codes from NYC on this list shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. As one of the most popular cities in the entire world, New York is also one of the most expensive places to live. For what you pay for to rent a tiny apartment in New York, you could have a house with several bedrooms in many other places in the country. While rent in the city is no joke, buying property certainly isn’t either. The median price of a house in NYC is somewhere between $3m and $7.2M depending on the area.

94027 Atherton, CA

You may not have heard of Atherton, CA, and that’s likely because the cost of living there is out of most of our price ranges. Although the population in Atherton is just over 7,000 people, it’s still become a highly sought after place to live due to its lavish reputation. Like New York, the average price of a home in Atherton is $7.2M.

11962 Sagaponack, NY

Although NYC is undoubtedly the most popular place in all of New York, it isn’t the only one that will run your pockets if you even think about living there. Sagaponack may be just a tiny village in Suffolk County, but on average, buying a house there will cost you $7M.

94022 Los Altos Hills, CA

Like New York, California is another place with many zip codes that are known for being expensive. But with so much of the state having beautiful weather and beautiful beaches, it’s not hard to see why. The average price for a home in Los Altos Hills, CA is just over $6M.

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