Five Metal Fixture Ideas to Brighten up Your Living Room

Natural Light

The level of natural light in your home can have a considerable impact on your mood. The sun rays, which are filled with vitamin D and sunlight can give you a positive feeling. In general, it is natural that we equate bright rooms to happiness as they feel more vibrant and alive. In some instances, you cannot add natural light without installing new windows or skylights thus leaving your living room looking and feeling dark.

Luckily, there is a less expensive solution to installing entirely new windows. Metal fixtures are an excellent addition to any room in your home, especially the living room. Using metal fixtures, you can give your entire home a makeover for a significantly less cost than remodeling and they can brighten any room if used properly.

The following is a list of five metal fixture ideas that can brighten up your living room.

Brass Lettering

Brass Lettering

Brass is a metal that has been used for thousands of years. Its beautiful shine combined with durability can transform any boring living room into a winner and really brighten the mood. Copper provides a stately look when offsetting darker hues that really make the finish pop. This is topically the best material for modern and traditional living rooms.

One of the most unique ideas that can certainly brighten the room and the mood is by placing brass lettering on the wall that will spell out a word. The lettering is a beautiful shiny brass that also acts a piece of art and will certainly get your visitors talking. The shininess of the brass will reflect light within your living room and make it seem as if there is more natural light. The brass lettering will have more of an effect when placed over a dark wall. The letters are fairly inexpensive and can really provide a dramatic effect to your living room.

Prior to selecting brass as your material of choice, remember that there is a small amount of regular maintenance that keeps it shining and looking beautiful. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions so that you can routinely wipe down the lettering with a cleaner that will not harm the metal.

Chrome Light Fixtures

Chrome Light Fixture

Chrome is one of the shiniest metals available and also the easiest to clean by using warm water and soap. In addition to being used on car rims, and you see how nice those look, it can also be an option for light fixtures. The material is durable, beautiful and the reflectivity of the material can brighten your living room. Since the metal reflects light so well, it is an excellent decision to have chrome lighting fixtures to maximize the amount of light that surrounds the room. Depending on the lighting fixture style you choose, chrome can be an expensive option that is well-worth the money.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Lantern

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Lantern

Bronze is an interesting metal as its appearance improves with age. This is due to the fact that oil-rubbed bronze does not have an external finish that protects them following production. Therefore, through use, exposure and time, the elements develop a unique pattern that significantly improves the aesthetic value of the material. Since bronze ages over time but can continue to brighten the room with a rustic feeling of nature, a lantern lighting fixture is the ideal option. There are thousands of lantern designs from a variety of cultural influences. Since bronze was a popular choice during the revolutionary era, it may be best to utilize it with the lantern in old colonial homes or residences with traditional designs.

Copper Outlined Mirror

Copper Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent addition to the living room as they completely reflect light, hence the reason you are able to see your reflection. While regular glass is excellent for reflecting light, there is still some amount of absorption since it is clear. There is something special about the way in which copper reflects light that makes it eye-catching. For this reason, selecting a copper border around the mirror can be the highlight of your living room.

Consider using the copper-outlined mirror as the focal point of the space to really draw the eye. One o the best features of copper is that it is easy to maintain. The majority of the time, warm water can be used to restore worn fixtures to refresh the material back to its former shine. When the copper requires a more thorough cleaning, use dish soap as opposed to the harsher cleaning chemicals.

Glass and Nickel End Table

Glass and Nickel End Table

A glass table top with a nickel frame will reflect light and not absorb it making the room seem brighter. Most other types of materials absorb light into the furniture whereas brass and nickel limit the amount of absorption and reflect the light waves around the room. This same concept should be used for other tables in your living room to maximize the light. A glass and metal combination is always the ideal material to brighten rooms. There are literally thousands of styles from which to choose but make sure to get the glass and metal combination for maximum results.

Nickel has a way of setting the tone of the room. The ideal living room to be used with nickel fixtures is decorated in the modern style. Maintenance with nickel is fairly simple as soap and water are ideal during cleaning. Do not use any chemicals on the nickel as it could damage the material. Also, make sure to use a fresh rag when cleaning the metal as any leftover chemical residues from previous cleanings can wreak havoc on your nickel end table.

There are many options available to brighten your living to the desired brightness. This is especially important for your mood, the mood of the family and even the appeal of your home. When looking to resell your residence, you want bright and cheery rooms, not dark and drab as they are not appealing to potential buyers. Using metal fixtures to brighten your living room is the one least expensive but most aesthetically-pleasing options available.


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