5 Keys To Making Your Home Safer

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Home security is a growing concern across the United States, and many homeowners are looking for effective ways to ensure the safety of their families. You can take a proactive approach by implementing these five measures to protect yourself and your loved ones against common hazards:

Preventing Home Injuries

Falls are among the top causes of injuries in the home. Simple actions such as taping down area rugs, making sure handrails on staircases are secure and encouraging family members to clean up spills immediately can help to reduce the risk of falls that can cause sprains, broken bones and head injuries. Paying attention to these details can help you avoid being liable for guests who injure themselves on your property and can help you avoid a legal case with an accident attorney.

Protecting Your Family from Fires

Cooking is the main cause of home fires, so everyone in your family should be taught the importance of never leaving food unattended on the stove. Portable heaters are frequently used in homes to provide additional heat, but they must be utilized carefully to prevent fires. Only run the heater when someone will be in the room to watch it. Leave 3 feet of space around the heater, and ensure that draperies and other materials are kept well away from the heater. Have your central heating system checked annually to ensure its proper operation.

Preventing Burglary

You can protect your family and all of your valuable possessions by installing a home security system. The prices of these systems have decreased significantly in recent years, making them more affordable for average homeowners. A simple system will discourage break-ins, both while you are at home and while you are away.

Light Up Your Property

Outdoor lighting at entryways and other points on your property will provide illumination that will discourage thieves looking for opportunities to enter the home easily. Motion sensing lighting is an affordable option for many homeowners.

Thin Out Your Landscaping

Dense clusters of trees and shrubs provide good hiding places for criminals looking for an easy way to break into your home. Walk around your property, doing a thorough assessment of your landscape plants to determine if they are providing hiding places near windows and entry points that thieves can use to cover their activities. Remove heavy branches or thick shrubbery to provide open areas that can’t be used for concealment.

Safety and security does not happen by accident. It is the accumulation of many actions that create a protected environment for yourself and those who are important to you. Follow these steps, and you will be able to enjoy a more secure home.

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