10 Awesome Kids Desks Your Children Will Love

When you’re trying to design and decorate the perfect bedroom for your child(ren), a desk is something you usually want to include. Desks provide kids with a nice comfortable place for them to do their homework and complete other tasks. Kids desks can range in style from cartoon inspired to more mature looks – ensuring that there is something out there for every type of child. If you’re looking for the perfect desk for your child’s room, these sets will give you a great idea of some of the best options that are out there. Here are 10 awesome kids desks your children will love.

Lipper International 584WN Child’s Work Station Desk and Chair

Just because a desk was designed for kids doesn’t mean that it has to have a childish look. This walnut desk set has a finish that is mature and sophisticated.

I STUDY Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set For Kids Work Station

With a bright and modern design, this desk is durable and attractive and also provides a comfortable work station for kids.

KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair

Built with a cork bulletin board and storage space for papers and folders, this desk can help your kids stay organized while they work.

Lipper International 554P Child’s Chalkboard Desk and Chair

A chalkboard made into the top of this desk gives the item a unique design that is also sure to appeal to children.

Delta Children Chair Desk With Storage Bin

Who doesn’t love Disney’s Frozen? With that being said, this desk is sure to be a big hit among the kiddie crowd, and the built-in storage space can help reduce mess and clutter.

Mainstays Basic Student Desk

Perfect for a kid or teenager, this desk has a sleek look that most would consider ‘cool’. Two large shelves also provide plenty of space for books and papers.

Simple Living Wood Corner Computer Desk

Corner space can be tough to use, and as a result it is often neglected and wasted. However, this corner desk was designed specifically to fill corner space and is the perfect place for your kid to work.

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage

Looking for something a little more on the unique side? This awesome wall mounted desk isn’t just practical, it’s cool, too.

Guidecraft Media Desk & Chair Set

Complete with a matching chair, this desk is great for use with or without a computer. A matching hutch also adds some nice storage space for work supplies.

Lipper Writing Workstation Desk and Chair

Do you have a kid who loves to write? If the answer is yes, this writing workstation will certainly come in handy and give them a great place to let those creative juices flow.


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