Happy Home: 4 Renovation Trends That Won’t Go Out Of Style

From households interested in creating more stylish and comfortable surroundings to property owners concerned with protecting and optimizing the market value of a home or residence, choosing the right remodeling or renovation project is never a concern that should be taken lightly. The best home upgrades can add lasting value to a property for years to come and the following four examples serve to highlight some of the most popular and effective ways that homeowners are choosing to improve their surroundings. From the installation of wireless appliances to create a smart-home to simple landscaping upgrades that may greatly enhance the curb appeal of a home, there are plenty of renovation trends that homeowners can expect to see a lot more of in the days ahead.



Growing numbers of property owners have discovered the potential value and added convenience that smart-homes have to offer. The addition of a home security or surveillance system or installing home lighting and climate-control systems that can be operated through the use of a mobile device can often make a bigger difference than many homeowners might have expected. Creating a home theater or replacing existing appliances with next-generation equipment and smart-devices are effective ways to ensure home renovation efforts are able to produce superior results.

Sustainable Homes

Curbing energy consumption can help to reduce monthly costs while ensuring that households are able to minimize the long-term ecological impact that their everyday routine may be having. From simple home upgrades like installing solar screens or replacing attic insulation to more ambitious projects, such as the addition of a home solar installation, there is no shortage of options for property owners interested in sustainability. The potential long-term cost savings that energy efficiency and sustainable upgrades ensure that such renovations are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.

Landscaping Projects

Exterior improvements and landscaping projects are one of the most common projects for those seeking to increase the marketing value of their property. Curb appeal is often an essential concern when the time comes to list or sell a home and homeowners who have invested in quality landscaping renovations may be able to enjoy significant benefits. From simple care and upkeep to more radical transformations, investing in landscaping improvements may offer a higher return on investment than many owners might have thought possible.


Hardwood Flooring

Durable flooring materials and quality installations can help to reduce the need for basic upkeep and maintenance. Having to replace carpeting, rugs and other flooring materials every few years may prove to be a costly aggravation. When properly cared for, natural hardwoods and other more durable flooring installations can last for years or even decades. When it comes to finding ways to improve the look and feel of an interior environment or selecting a renovation project that will produce more dramatic results, installing hardwood floors may prove to be the perfect option.


Creating and Maintaining the Perfect Household

Failing to make improvements to a home over the years may prove to be nothing short of a disaster, especially for owners who may find themselves trying to sell their property during market conditions that may be less than favorable. From modest and cost-effective upgrades, such as replacing outdated electronics and older-model appliances with newer equipment, to the most ambitious landscaping projects and interior additions, choosing renovation options better suited to both the needs and budget of a household can make a substantial difference. Learning more about the most popular renovation trends through online videos and courses like Success Path, or even shows on HGTV can help homeowners more easily create the perfect environment while protecting the market value of their home.


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