20 Living Room Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

small living room with yellow wall decor

For most people living in small spaces, coming up with good decorating ideas for the living room can be a bit of a chore. Although space is the one thing that many people feel like they never have enough of, it’s also one of the things that is hardest to create. But with that being said, you don’t always need to have more space to achieve the look you’re going for. For most people, the living room is the perfect place to entertain and host company; however, if you’re dealing with a small amount of space it’s important to make sure that everything is laid out to give your room the most amount of functionality. The good news is, even the smallest spaces can be transformed into something beautiful and comfortable. With so many different living room decorating ideas for small spaces, the possibilities are truly endless – and you’ll be able to find something that works well with your home. Here are 20 living room decorating ideas for small spaces.

living room with plants

image via cristamd.tk

Living room with matching lamps and chairs

image via yourmomhatesthis.com

small living room with nice lighting fixture

image via homedit.com

small living room with white furniture

image via dldecortnr.tk

small living room with lots of storage space

image via www.houseandgarden.co.uk

small living room with bright colors

image via hngideas.com

Small living room with unique bookshelf storage

image via modernfreshfurniture.blogspot.com

small living room with moveable furniture

image via decoist.com

Small living room combined with office

image via 3awesomehouses.xyz

small living room with large solid painting

image via housebeautiful.com

small living room with wall decoration

image via diyarmode.tk

Small living room with fancy divider

image via www.fremontplacehancockpark.com

Small living room with throw blankets

image via hgtv.com

small living room with unique lamp

image via mybiddeco.blogspot.com

living room with rug

image via kecekang.xyz

small living room with large mirror

image via indulgy.com

Small living room with wall art and round lighting fixture

image via quedeal.com

Small living room with pops of color

image via www.charleskamm.com

small living room fireplace

image via livinator.com

black and white small living room

image via sweethousedesign.com

lead image via www.tktdw.com


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