Fi Douglas’ Colorful Tips for A Super Pretty Bedroom

When I think about decorating a home, the bedroom is truly the space where I think you can allow yourself a free reign to follow all of your design dreams. It is a sanctuary, a private room where you should really focus on creating an atmosphere that feels personal to you. As the founder and design director of Scottish brand bluebellgray, available at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s nationwide, I paint original watercolor floral and abstract designs in a color palette I truly love, which I find uplifting and just perfect for introducing into the bedroom through cushions and bedding. Below are a few things I like to keep in mind when creating the ideal feel good space.

Don’t be scared of color

Color can be just as restful as white; choose among the palette of blues, greens or pinks for a really calming feel. I love those strong ocean blues, and painting the whole room with those tones can truly create such a sanctuary.

Create a focal point

The bed is the most simple and cost effective way to create an impact. Usually the biggest thing in the room, it makes the ideal feature piece, so make the most of it. Go wild with design, Tetbury florals or a bold Abstract make a true design statement, and the most wonderful thing about bedding is that it is so easy to change!

Think about the balance

If space allows, I always try to balance the room. For example, two bedside tables with two lamps give a really harmonious feel — somehow creating that balance just grounds everything and makes the space feel more relaxed.

Make the most of your sheeting

Printed sheeting adds personality, a subtle way to layer color and pattern or, if you are slightly wary of going the whole way with the duvet or comforter, then sheets are the best compromise. Color blocking or floral prints add depth to the bed and really give it a luxurious and inviting feel, another point of interest without much commitment.

Have fun

Deck cushions add a bit of fun to the bed — mix and match prints or pull out key colors from your bedding design to create depth. I, personally, think three is the perfect number, two larger cushions at the back and one smaller up front. I love picking up special cushions on my travels or from independent designers and mixing those in with my designs at home. As long as you have the accent color to pick out or stick to a general palette, then you can just go wild with deck cushions and have fun.

Use layers to soften the look

Layers are the best way to soften the overall look of the room and the bedroom is the perfect place to go wild with textures and soft furnishings. Add cozy throws, casually slung across the bed, and match different pieces to add dimension and create a really welcoming space.