The Duvet Cover Method That Will Change Your Life


There is something wonderfully attractive about a duvet. Perhaps it’s the many fabric choices or the idea that this cover will magically keep a comforter clean and tidy underneath. Most are purchased at the same time as a first comforter, with plans for having designer décor. Most duvet covers are available in so many different fabrics and colors that they truly offer very nice options for creating a welcoming bedroom. They are also available in different weights; lighter for spring and summer, and heavier for fall and winter. But the frustration of putting them on and taking them off can squelch the joy of interior decorating.

The truth about a duvet, once lived with for a while, is that it has a personality all its own. It is a stubborn and curiously frustrating piece of bed linen which can be so difficult to put on its comforter that it often ends up folded away…somewhere out of sight. The comforter, after all, won’t need to be tugged, pulled, crammed and stuffed into its duvet any longer.

But, there is a method that will bring that rebellious duvet out of storage and back into its beautiful bed top glory. The method is a step by step way to put a duvet onto a comforter without the usual frustration…and yes, even anger. It’s the life changing burrito method.

  • Step One: Turn the duvet cover inside out, arranging it so that it is flat, and its open end is at the foot of the bed. Take the time to smooth out the duvet cover. The smoother it is, the easier it will be to roll, and the better the results.
  • Step Two: Place the comforter on top of the duvet cover. Match all four corners of the comforter to the four corners of the duvet cover. Align all four sides of the comforter to the duvet cover. Again, take the time to smooth out both items for easier rolling.
  • Step Three: Beginning at the head of the bed, grab onto the duvet cover and the comforter and start to roll both together as if they were a burrito. Start at one end and move across to the other, rolling the head end into a nice, neat roll. Keep rolling, moving gradually toward the foot end of the bed. Keep the roll even all the way across by gradually grasping and tucking the fabric into the roll. Work so that the roll is the same size all the way across. Roll until the entire duvet cover and comforter are a large, even roll at the foot end of the bed. If the burrito starts to become larger on one side or the other, simply unroll a few inches to straighten the roll and then continue rolling. Roll using an even tension across the entire roll to help to keep it evenly sized.
  • Step Four: When the roll is at the end of the bed, reach into the duvet cover opening and flip the duvet over one end of the burrito; so that the right side out pattern or color of the duvet fabric is showing. Repeat the process with the other end. When both ends are flipped, then flip the middle part, too.
  • Step Five: The last step is to unroll the burrito back up toward the head of the bed. Simply spread out the finished product so that its nice and neat. All finished!

One of the best things about using this method is that it is easy to reverse when it’s time to launder the duvet cover and comforter. With some practice, there’s no need for climbing into the duvet cover to drag it onto the comforter. Imagine… no more struggling or straining inside a reluctant and very awkward piece of fabric!

The streamlined burrito method may encourage purchasing new duvet covers to celebrate holidays or special occasions. It may even encourage washing the beast more often than before. How nice to actually decorate, rather than sleep with the basic white comforter alone. This is the way to take charge and make that darned duvet cover mind… once and for all.

Though the steps are easy to understand, for those who are visual thinkers, here’s a handy link to the video that will change life for the better:

Written by Housely

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