20 Modern Kitchens With Cool Retro Appliances

modern kitchen with retro blue appliances

These days, most people are obsessed with keeping things as modern as possible, but retro appliances have also found their way back into many kitchens. Although some of these designs are more than 50 years old, current home owners have found a new appreciation for these fine pieces of machinery. Despite the fact that appliances have changed a lot over the last several decades, these classic looking pieces are still great for almost any kitchen design. More than just nostalgia, retro appliances are known for being sleek and sturdy, and they tend to come in a wider variety of colors than many of today’s units. With the kitchen being one of the most important and most used rooms in the home, it only makes sense that your kitchen be welcoming and inviting. If you’re looking for a way to spruce your kitchen up while still keeping your space as practical as possible, adding some retro appliances to the mix can do wonders. After all, some things only get better with time, and the best of both worlds has never looked so good. Here are 20 modern kitchens with cool retro appliances.

white kitchen with blue retro fridge

image via lushome.com

Green retro kitchen design

image via www.lonelyhepkat.com

kitchen with retro white appliances

image via www.geappliances.com

kitchen with orange retro appliances

image via houzz.com

kitchen with retro red appliances

image via internetvswallet.com

kitchen with vintage green stove

image via www.appliancereports.com

beautiful modern kitchen with retro appliances

image via www.housekaboodle.com


image via www.kitchenee.photo

large kitchen with retro blue appliances

image via twopugs.com

luxurious kitchen with old school stove

image via hgtv.com

kitchen with hardwood flooring and retro fridge

image via thriftdiving.com

contemporary white kitchen with light green retro fridge

image via www.ocmodhomes.com

beautiful kitchen with hardwood flooring

image via www.homedesignfind.com

unique kitchen with double retro fridge set up

image via decoholic.org

large contemporary kitchen with retro red fridge

image via homeappliances.wordpress.com

kitchen with vintage pink fridge

image via fashionhealt.tk

kitchen with retro style seating and fridge

image via bigchill.com

cool kitchen with slim white retro fridge

image via www.flat15.com

kitchen with deep wood cabinets

image via kitchenhunter.net


image via www.kitchen-design-ideas.org

lead image via www.rosners.com


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