Deer-Proof Your Garden with These Plants

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Having deer in any landscape would look charming— until they start munching on your prized garden. Their appetite is insatiable, so adding these plants to your flourishing flowerbed might be a good idea. Trust us when we say they’ll keep deer at bay.

Beware of the Bleeding Heart


Aesthetics aside, the Bleeding Heart has another plus: deer don’t like it as a food. This resistance to deer browsing makes it an excellent choice for gardens where these delightful creatures roam. It’s an attractive addition to any outdoor area, whether embellishing a forest setting or tucked among other shade-loving plants.

Potentilla’s Got Potential


The Potentilla shrub is versatile and may improve your yard in more ways than one. It is a safe option for environments where deer are common since its fuzzy texture discourages them from feeding. Thanks to its everlasting beauty, any garden design is complete with Potentilla.

Spice Up that Space with Catmint


The silvery-green features of the tenacious perennial catmint have an interesting fuzzy feel. Additionally, deer are naturally discouraged from feeding on it due to its spicy mint aroma. As a  distinctive addition to gardens, catmint offers allure and functionality with its scented charm and durable nature.

The Dangerous Daphne


With a potent scent that could rival any perfume, Daphne reigns as a majestic queen of the garden, keeping deer as far as possible while dazzling visitors with her charm. This flora is also armed with poisonous berries, making it the best armor against hungry animals.  

Look Out for Japanese Forest Grass


As a beautiful mounding ornamental, Japanese Forest Grass looks even better when planted in clusters. This resilient grass beautifies landscapes with its intricate foliage swaying in the breeze. It provides peace of mind for gardeners battling deer intrusion thanks to its sharp edges.

Smells Like Allium


The lovely decorative onions, known as alliums, are found in magnificent gardens in the late spring with their spherical blossoms on stems. Their onion-like aroma serves as a natural deterrent, keeping deer afar and allowing blossoms to unfold without a hitch when planted in the fall for a beautiful spring show.

Rosemary Might be Too Smelly


The fragrant wonder plant that is rosemary serves dual purposes: enhancing culinary pleasures and protecting gardens. Apparently, its intense aroma keeps deer from pecking on its leaves, allowing the plant to grow without needing constant care. 

Snapdragons to the Rescue


With vivid spikes in shades of pink and red, Snapdragons are a perfect choice for adding a splash of color to your garden. Even better is how their lovely blossoms attract bees and ward off deer so that you may enjoy their splendor guilt-free all season long.

Calendula for the Win


Green thumbs are pretty familiar with Calendulas, but not many people know that there is a natural defense to be found in its striking appearance. The colorful flowers, which are slightly bitter, serve as protectors, repelling deer with their offensive flavor.

The Deer Versus Lavender Face-Off


Lavender is one of the most popular flower types out there, so seeing it in many gardens is no surprise. Its gentle color makes it appealing to many plant lovers. But what makes it truly remarkable is its pungent smell, which effortlessly wards deer off from its path. 

Salvia’s the Secret


Dubbed as the unsung hero of garden landscapes, salvia boasts handsome mounds of silver foliage and striking purple spikes that elevate any setting. Beyond its visual appeal, its powerful aroma repels animals like deer and preserves the garden all year long.

The Sneaky Scent of an Iris


The wonders of irises grace gardens with their diverse array of colors and heights, offering a tapestry of beauty with minimal effort. Their textured petals and delicate scent ensure deer are alert to their presence, allowing the flower’s splendor to thrive undisturbed.

A No-Deer Zone with Coneflowers


Coneflowers, or Echinacea, are tough perennials that prosper in various soil types. Their vivid flowers can transform any environment with their breathtaking pallet of colors, which spans from soft pinks to blazing oranges. More importantly, fawns avoid them like a plague!

The Power of Oriental Poppies


The tall, elegant stalks with the delicate, papery flowers of the Oriental poppy shrub are a sight to behold. But behind its pretty petals, their toxin acts as a harmless repellent, shielding them against deer incursion. Any garden near a deer sanctuary should have these planted all over the area.

Listen to the Lamb’s Ear

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Lamb’s Ear is one of the most remarkable ground cover plants, attractive in midsummer with its spikes of fragrant flowers. Its velvety-soft leaves are its most striking trait, but they shockingly discourage deer from nibbling on them.



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