Some of the Craziest Ads from Craigslist Las Vegas

Las Vegas

We all know and love Craiglist. It is a place where you can find literally anything you can dream of and some things you never imagined. There is everything known to man for sale and any service you can think of available to the lucky individual that seeks the listing. Las Vegas, itself is strange and unusual, so it would only make sense that the Las Vegas Craiglist is filled with the strangest listings around.

The people that list these items probably feel that they have a needed product or service and want to pass their good fortune on to the next individual that will make it their own. Even if you are not really in the market for any of these unique items, it is still quite entertaining to browse the post to see all the strange and crazy ads that people post in the hope of attracting a buyer.

When you read these ads, you cannot help but wonder what exactly the people that are selling the item or service intentions were and what the person that pursues the listing is going to do with it. One can only imagine, but that is the fun of looking through them.

Here are a few listings from recent ads that will make you shake your head.

Cardboard Wire Spools

Wire Spools

For those of you out there that have been desperately looking for cardboard wire spools then your search is over. This person has one in perfectly good shape. This large wire spool looks like it can hold a large amount of loose wire that might be hanging around your house. No longer will you have to struggle with tangled wire. This handy little device is available to the first person that shows up to claim it.

Free Non-Alcoholic Beer

Old milwaukee

For the beer drinker that doesn’t like the alcohol. This seller is offering seven cans of Old Milwaukee non-alcoholic beer. If you have been having trouble locating this fine beverage in your area, then you can simply give this person a ring, and they will be happy to hook you up. There is nothing quite like an cold non-alcoholic Old Milwaukee on a hot summer day!

Free Dry Horse Manure


I have to wonder if this person is trying to help someone out or do they not feel like mucking out the stalls this week? Either way, they have a great deal for the person that needs to get their hands on some horse manure. All you have to do is show up with a shovel, and you will have you own pile. Just think of how happy your garden will be, that is if it is for your garden. I will just assume it is.

Huge Used Water Reservoir


If you have the need for a forty-four-foot reservoir, then this is the perfect listing for you. For those pioneering minded people out there you can start your own town and have your water needs covered. This massive tank can hold all the water you could need. All you have to do is come and get it. I’m not sure how but it certainly will be a challenge.

Four Railroad Ties

Railroad Ties

If you have a need for four railroad ties to add to your landscaping or to help repair your local train tracks you have hit the jackpot. This individual is looking to get rid of these large ties to a good home. These ties will be useful for years to come. This listing can be useful for the person that has a project in mind that would benefit from these large steel railroad ties. Hurry though because supplies are limited.

Free Broken Tiles

Broken Tiles

These tiles still have lots of life left in them. Just because they are broken doesn’t mean you can put them to some sort of good use. Although most would not readily have a use for them, I am sure that someone has a great plan. The seller knows that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I can’t help but wonder if they will still be used for their original purpose and I would love to see the finished product.

Seven Huge Palm Trees In The Ground

Palm Trees

I’m sure this is a great find for someone with some serious equipment. These trees are huge, and I am sure that they will not go without a fight. They are lovely however, and I am sure that someone will give them a loving home once they are ripped out of the ground and transport to their new home. In addition to some major equipment you might also want to bring along several work crews, as this looks to be quite a challenge.



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