Some of the Strangest Ads on Craigslist Atlanta


Craiglist has become a hotspot for the strange and unusual. People will try to get rid of just about everything on this public forum. Whether it is trash or treasure, you can find an add for everything.  Of the myriad of locations to post on Craigslist, we’ve selected Atlanta, GA as our latest hot spot.  The reason is because for some reason, things have gotten a little weird lately.  So if you’re in the mood for strange here are some of the weirdest recent postings on Craigslist Atlanta.

Free Drain and Plumbing Pipes

Free Pipe

Some people just don’t feel like having to rent a dumpster. I imagine that the owner of the property might be a contractor or perhaps had to landscape some property. Whatever the case he has plenty of used drain pipes for pickup. Note that he requests that you don’t scout the property or bother him. He just wants you to come pick his pipes up and get rid of them.

Free Cardboard

Free Cardboard

I could see a point to this add if they were trying to pass along some in tact packing boxes. This, however, is just scrap cardboard that has already been broken down. As you can see in the photo provided some of it is actually torn or crumpled. I’m not sure what they had the cardboard for and I can imagine that they feel that is more valuable than most other will feel that it is. I also wonder if anyone is interested in this ad? I also wonder what they would use random cardboard pieces for . They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In this case, I think the person that posted this add is hoping someone out there feels that way about cardboard.

Oatmeal Boxes

Oatmeal Boxes

This posting is a head scratcher. I know people save everything, but this is perhaps taking it a step too far. This person has posted empty oatmeal boxes. What is really odd is that they request that you let them know that you are coming to pick them up and they will leave them in a bag at the end of their property. Now I know that there are many creative ways to store items, but this listing claims that they are perfect for storing things in.  I can only imagine what other common household items get reused in their house. I think I will have to pass on this one, but I am pretty sure there is probably someone out there that shares a deep love for oatmeal boxes.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe

Upon looking at this ad you would think that this is the real deal. Unfortunately, however, it is just plastic made to look like the real thing. Just in case you are planning on dressing up in garb that requires the addition of a plastic battle axe, this person has you covered. I noticed that they seem to have a knack for salvaging items that might otherwise have a tragic fate in the local dump. This person is saving this trusty axe from that tragic fate. As in the other cases, I can only imagine what the person that responds to this add wants it for. We can only hope that its new owner is working on a really neat upcoming Halloween display. This makes you wonder if someone will show up dressed like a Viking.

Mickey Baseball Hat

Mickey Cap

This Mickey baseball hat could be all yours. It comes complete with a pre-curled bill and “some stains that looks like they could be cleaned.”  Look, I’m sure this hat could tell stories. No need to break it in, they have already gone through the trouble of doing that for you.  But to be honest I just can’t get past the whole “stains” thing.  Nothing wrong with a Mickey hat I supposed.  But please don’t mention the stains again.

Free Hydroponic Lettuce

Hydroponic Lettuce

Why would you go to the grocery store for lettuce when you can simply answer this friendly little add? Sure you might have to drive out of your way and stop to make conversation with the person that posted the add, but isn’t that the fun of answering an add on Craigslist Atlanta? No specifics are given on what type of lettuce is up for grabs. I personally hope you get lucky and get some pretty looking arugula but butter lettuce can be good too. The photo is a bit grainy and I think they accidentally took a picture of basil instead of lettuce but I also don’t grow hydroponic lettuce so I could be wrong.

Large Letter M

Letter M

When you just can’t find a great price on a letter M at your local craft store, then you could do some digging around and come up with this great deal. If your letter M mysteriously disappeared or you want to express your love for the shapely letter, then this is the deal for you. Hopefully, it also has the pin holes pre-made so you can apply it to your wall with ease.

Seed Catcher

Seed Catcher

We have to wonder what happened to the rest of the cage and for that matter the bird. If your bird cage doesn’t have a bottom then you’re in luck. You can have this steal of a deal. Now your bird seed doesn’t have to fall on the floor, and you can keep your feathered friend safe and secure with this cage bottom/seed catcher. I’m sure they will get plenty of inquiries with this ad.


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