Out of the Cold: 6 Tips for Keeping Your House Warm This Winter


As the temperatures drop in the winter, you’ll probably be concerned about how to keep your home warm. Having a cold house can be uncomfortable, but using the heat too much can drive up the cost of your utilities. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to keep maintain a warm temperature while also saving energy.

1. Let Sunlight In

Sunlight is a free and natural source of heat. Although it may be cold outside, opening the curtains during the day will still help heat your home. All curtains should be closed at night, however, to help prevent heat from escaping.

2. Use the Oven More

Turning on the oven can keep the kitchen and adjoining rooms warm, so winter is a great time to bake and broil foods more. After the food is done cooking, you can turn the oven off and leave the door open to help heat up the house.

3. Seal Your Windows

Make sure all of the windows in your home are shut properly and latched. Installing insulated windows can be a good investment because they allow less heat to pass through. You should also fix any leaks in the frames. Contact a company like Fischer Window and Door Store if you have questions.

4. Use Your Ceiling Fans

Although many people know that ceiling fans are a good way to cool the home, they often leave them off in the winter. Most fans come with a winter setting, which reverses the direction of the blades to clockwise. A clockwise-spinning fan will pull cold air up, making it feel warmer.

5. Add Insulation to the Attic

Heat rises, and you may be losing a lot of your home’s heat through the attic. Adding insulation to your attic will require an initial investment, but it should cause your heating bills to drop.

6. Keep Furniture Away from Heating Vents

Go through your home and check to make sure nothing is blocking your furnace or heating vents. If there’s a couch sitting in front of a vent, it will be absorbing most of the heat. You may need to rearrange things at least for the winter.

There are a number of inexpensive ways to keep your home warm. Others, such as getting windows fixed or adding installation, will cost a little upfront. Wearing a thick sweater or drinking hot drinks throughout the day can also help you stay warm during the coldest months of the year.


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