How to Clean and Maintain a Push Lawn Mower

A major part of keeping your lawn looking presentable during the warm months is by keeping it trimmed, which requires a functional lawn mower. A push mower is an affordable option for those who don’t want a rider, have small lawns or need to cut grass in areas inaccessible to a larger mower. Keep your push mower in top notch condition with these basic cleaning and maintenance tips.

Bringing it out for the summer

There are a few things you should do every season before you pull your mower out for the first cut of the season. Fill the oil up according to the instruction manual and replace the cap. Take the old spark plug out and replace it with a new one. This can be done with either a pair of small pliers or a wrench. Re-connect the wire after installing your new spark plug. Change the air filter at least once, maybe twice depending on how frequently you mow your lawn, during the season. Sharpen your blade regularly to keep it cut at an even level and effectively. Dull blades shred the grass as opposed to cutting it and eventually turns your lawn an unsightly shade of brown. A clean cut is necessary for healthy growth.

During the mowing season

Check your lawn before mowing and pick up sticks, toys, and debris that could dull or break your blade. Wipe down the mower every time you finish with it by using a rag, broom or your hand with a protective glove. Remove any grass that may become stuck to the blade or under the deck. A couple times a year when your mower is out of gas to turn it on its side and clean under the deck thoroughly. Get rid of any debris that gets wrapped up in the blade or gunk under the desk by either pressure washing or using a brush with soap and water to clean off any dried-on grass or caked dirt under the deck.

Preparation for winter

When you’re ready to put your mower up for the winter, use all the gas in it by letting it run until it is completely empty. Drain the oil out of the mower into a container for proper disposal so it doesn’t sit all winter long with aging fluids.

Your push lawnmower can work year after year like it is still brand new as long as you maintain it. Keep it in a clean, dry location when not in use and you’ll have good results every time you cut the grass.


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