Boston Girl Gets Her Snow Shoveled Parking Spot Back By Writing An Amazing Letter

Jenn's car

If you live outside of Boston, chances are you don’t know about the unwritten rule that when it snows and you shovel out your car from a parking spot, you leave a placeholder and the spot is yours when you return.  Is it legal?  No.  Does it cause fights and property destruction when someone doesn’t follow the rule?  You bet it does!

However, we had our faith in humanity restored by this one story of a young woman named Jenn that lost the parking spot she shoveled out, but got it back in a way that you won’t believe.

As tempted as she might have been to get revenge on the person who took her spot by shoveling snow back on top of their car, she decided to write a letter and put it on their windshield.

Letter to parking spot thief


Wonder what the letter said?  Here’s a copy of it!


It reads…


Dear Fellow Snow Champion,

I get it! This storm is THE WORST!!! Parking is near impossible!! However, I spent HOURS shoveling this precious parking spot. Unfortunately my “forgetful” friend forgot to put my cooler back to save my spot.

(Sidenote! There are 30 beers in there – please help yourself.)

My “forgetful” friend should have run the cooler back, but pulled a Seahawk move and allowed you to pick my spot.

If I could pull a Brady and give you a truck for your troubles, I would! But all I can give you is GOOD KARMA!!!

Thank you!!

Love Always,


Jenn also put the cooler next to their car, with a second note…

cooler note


P.S. If you could put the cooler back before your departure that would be amazing!!!

Love Always,



So did it work?  Here’s what she found a few hours later…

thank you



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