The Top 5 “Best of” Ads on Craigslist Fresno

Fresno CA

Craigslist is a great place, especially for anyone who lives in Fresno or the Bay Area. You can find everything from clothes, cars, pets, jewelry, gym equipment, and houses for sale to free items, jobs, service providers, discussion forums, and much more. While the majority of Craigslist ads are rather boring and simply give the details of what the poster has to offer or is looking for, every now and then you will find an ad that really stands out. In some cases, the ad is just funny. In other cases, the item being advertised is just really random or bizarre or the poster is looking for something that is way outside the norm.

After looking at a wide variety of ads placed in Fresno, including ads that offered a handmade Oakland A’s ceramic baseball player sculpture for a $1,000,000, a small nook for the right roommate, and advice for drug addicts from a friendly ER doctor, here are the top 5 “Best of” ads on Craigslist Fresno for your enjoyment.

The Behemoth, a Fine Specimen of Detroit Engineering

Behemoth Old Car

When you are finally able to upgrade from your 1976 Dodge Aspen, what do you do with your “baby?” Obviously, no car dealership wants it, so why not post it on Craigslist and hope someone will give it a good home? That’s exactly what the behemoth for sale poster did. The poster recaps all of the car’s feature, while pointing out that it is a unique because “I think the other ones all broke down long ago.” For anyone interested, the car’s interior is all blue vinyl, which sticks to your thighs on a hot day, and features a big hole where the glove box once was. One hub cab is missing, but the owner doesn’t believe it has ever been in any serious accidents.

Waiter Needed for Formal Fast Food Meal

Let’s face it. McDonald’s really isn’t the place you go for a fancy, romantic dinner, but this poster decided it would be “a fun change of pace” to wear formal dinner attire and be waited on at the home of Ronald McDonald. To do this, he was searching for a waiter for roughly 2 hours, but the best part was that he was willing to pay $50 plus the cost of the meal and a tip. The job was simple enough. You needed to wear formal attire, set up the provided tablecloth, napkins, fancy plates, and wine glasses, and then greet the couple at the door before showing them to their table. After taking order, you order (and wait a little bit so it seems like the food is being prepared), deliver it, and perform the cleanup. There’s no word on if there were any takers.

Free Quaker Instant Oatmeal

Everyone knows Costco is the place to go for a great deal, but what do you do when you buy a huge variety pack of oatmeal and find 9 packets of the regular flavor that you just don’t like? Simple, you place a Free: 9 packets of regular instant Quaker Instant Oatmeal on Craigslist. As an added bonus, the poster was willing to throw in a plastic bag to make toting them back to your home easy. However, the best part of the ad was the fact the poster posted instructions to their home and instructed anyone interested to “Come and get ’em.”

The Perfect Roommate

What’s a 27-year-old male to do when he is looking for an affordable place to live in an area of the country with incredibly high real estate prices? Easy, advertise for anyone interested in seeing the amazing two headed boy. Well, it definitely catches a reader’s attention and makes you want to click to see what’s in the actual ad. Once you start looking at the ad, it is rather normal. Essentially, he is a vegetarian who is returning to the University of Berkley after taking a few years off and needs an affordable room to live in. He is quick to point out that he has many years of experience house sharing and is keen for a successful cohabitation.

Free Prosthetic Arm

Prosthetic arms are probably pretty expensive, so if you happen to be in the Bay Area, this free prosthetic arm might be worth looking into. According to the poster, she arrived at her car one night only to find someone trying to break into it. She went on to say that this is not the first time her car has been broken into, so now she leaves her doors unlocked and nothing valuable inside, which is why she got so upset when she realized he had broken her car window. Long story short, she tackled him and was shocked when his arm fell off. Turns out, it was a prosthetic and he left, leaving the arm behind. With no need for the arm, the poster listed it on Craigslist for anyone who might be in need of an arm, provided “you are not the man who broke into my car.”


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