20 Beds With Beautiful Wooden Headboards

headboard of wooden boards

Headboards aren’t something are typically given much attention. They tend to be more of an afterthought in many cases, and some people choose to completely forego having a headboard all together. However, what some people fail to realize is that neglecting their headboard is a missed opportunity when it comes to designing their bedroom. Attention to detail is key when decorating a space, and what better way to show that you’re paying attention to every aspect of your room than to leave no stone unturned?

That’s where headboards come into play. These seemingly useless fixtures can actually add a nice touch to your bedroom, and wooden headboards are especially attractive. From rustic wood to sleek stains, these headboards can come in a wide variety, and are sure to be a great match for your space. On top of that, designing your very own wooden headboard can even make for a great DIY project. With the right amount of creativity, you can create something beautiful and unique. As with many other aspects of home design, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Here are 20 beds with beautiful wooden headboards.

simple wooden headboard

image via homedit.com

large wooden headboard

image via decoist.com

barn door headboards

image via www.revedecor.com

DIY wooden headboard

image via www.opicos.com

DIY long wooden headboard

image via homedesignlover.com

repurposed wooden headboard

image via www.songbirdblog.com

artistic wooden headboard

image via myblueflamingo.wordpress.com

stunning wooden headboard

image via etsy.com

simple bed with wooden headboard

image via www.home-interior.org

twin beds with wooden headboard

image via nevermoresearch.com

cool wooden headboard design

image via trendhunter.com

chevron wood headboard

image via diycozyhome.com

modern wooden headboard

image via houzz.com

multi-tone wooden headboard

image via diynetwork.com

headboard made of oars

image via www.decorationtrend.com

pallet headboard with hearts

image via www.101palletideas.com

black wooden headboard

image via www.maleekdecor.com

diy light up wooden headboard

image via www.shelterness.com

picket fence wooden headboard

image via notey.com

reclaimed wood headboard

image via royalhylands.com

lead image via www.furnitureideas.org