AC Comparison: Which Air Conditioner is Best for Your Home?

Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months is likely among your top priorities each year. However, as there are many different types of air conditioners, it may be tough to know which is best for your house. Fortunately, there are questions that you can ask to help you make the right decision.

Window Units Are Ideal for Smaller Areas

If you just need to keep the temperature down in a single room, it may be best to go with a window unit. They can be installed within a matter of minutes and taken out just as easily if need be. Since smaller units use minimal amounts of electricity, you can run them as much or as little as you want without running up a large utility bill.

Ductless Systems Are Ideal for Zone Cooling

A ductless split system enables you to install an air conditioning unit in your home without having to make major renovations to your home if there is no existing ductwork. While a ductless system can cool your whole home, it is commonly used to cool certain zones within the house. For instance, you may have a unit that is used to cool a finished attic while the central air conditioner cools the rest of the house.

Heat Pumps Can Be Highly Efficient

The use of a heat pump can help cool your home during the summer months without the need for a lot of special equipment. At its most basic, the heat pump takes warm and humid air out of the house and releases it outside. Heat pumps may offer significant energy savings over their lifetimes. However, it is important to note that they cost more and may be harder to install—which is why you may need to solicit the services of a professional, such as Neil Hewitt Electrical & Air Conditioning.

Split Systems Are the Most Common

Split systems work by drawing hot and humid air out of the house. That air is then cooled and compressed before being sent through the house through a system of ducts located inside. They are easy to install and may be the most cost effective option for a homeowner because the air conditioner can use the same ducts that are connected to the furnace.

The type of air conditioner that you use depends largely on what your needs and budget are. Those looking to cool small spaces may want a window unit or ductless air conditioner. However, those looking for a central air system may benefit most from using either a heat pump or a traditional split system in their homes.


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  1. The breakdown of various types of AC was enlightening. I had no idea there were so many options. Could you provide more insights into the energy efficiency of these different types, especially for those of us looking to make a more eco-friendly choice?

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