5 Of The Worst Things About Living In San Diego California


When people envision living in a place like San Diego California, they almost always automatically picture something ‘cool’ – and rightfully so. After all, there is a certain cool factor that comes along with living in San Diego, and being able to call one of California’s most popular cities home definitely comes with some bragging rights. When most people visit the city, they can easily see how someone could fall in love with it enough to move there. However, visiting somewhere for a short stay is a lot different from making a permanent move. Living in San Diego may be a great place to live, but like anywhere else, it comes with its downsides. So what could possibly be not so great about living in San Diego? You’re about to find out. Here are 5 of the worst things about living in San Diego California.


If you’re living in a city, chances are you probably already knew you’d have to deal with somewhat of a crowd. However, San Diego is what some would describe as overcrowded. Not only do lots of people come to visit San Diego, but many people also relocate there which has led to an increased number of residents. With that being said, it’s nearly impossible to avoid crowds in San Diego, especially at places like the beach.

Lots of traffic

Traffic is another thing that kind of comes with the territory when you live in a big city, but again, the traffic in San Diego can be pretty bad. This is especially true because San Diego is one of those cities where you’ll more than likely need a car to get around.


Living in San Diego California certainly isn’t cheap, and you can expect to pay a lot for rent. According to Pagez, “Research has shown that the average rent in San Diego for a one-to-two-bedroom apartment is around $2,134/month.”

The weather isn’t always beautiful

Some people tend to forget that California isn’t all sunshine and ocean views, and this is especially true for San Diego. If you’re expecting yearlong beautiful weather, then you’ll definitely be disappointed when it comes to living in San Diego. The city has lots of ‘gray’ days and the weather can have long periods of being cloudy and muggy.


Constant construction is something you’ll have to deal with in San Diego. On one hand, construction can be a good thing because it things that old things are being fixed or new things are being built, but on the other hand, it can get pretty annoying.

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