5 Things Only People From Detroit MI Will Understand

view of downtown Detroit

When people think of Detroit MI, negativity is often what comes to mind. Over the years, the city has gained somewhat of a bad reputation, and many people see Detroit MI as a place they should avoid. However, the city has a very rich history that includes advances in automobile technology and music. Although Detroit MI has hit some rough patches over the years, many residents and natives are still proud of their city, and they know that Detroit has a lot to offer. There’s nothing wrong with having pride in your home town, especially when you know it better than anyone else. Keep reading for 5 things only people from Detroit MI will understand.

8 Mile Road

Since the release of the 2002 film, 8 Mile, lots of people outside of Detroit MI may think they know what 8 Mile is all about. However, most people outside of Detroit have no idea what 8 Mile is, and they probably think it has something to do with music. In reality, 8 Mile is a road that runs across Detroit. Although out of towners usually believe that 8 Mile Road is a very dangerous area, Detroiters know that it’s not as bad as people may think.

Detroit Sports

If you’ve ever lived in a city that has its own sports teams, you know that locals go crazy for their teams. Well, Detroit MI is no exception, and the city has several professional teams including the Pistons (NBA) and the Lions (NFL). These teams are a part of the area’s rich history and tradition, and even though they might not be the best in their respective leagues, the fans never turn their backs.

The Eastern Market

Detroit MI may be a big city, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get some home-grown items. The Easter Market originally opened as a farmers market in the 1840s and has been a part of Detroit’s culture ever since. With 43 acres of space, this market is the “largest historic public market district in the United States”. Visitors can purchase all sorts of fresh food items as art and other items.

The People Mover

Lots of cities have quick and easy ways for people to get around, and in Detroit MI its the People Mover. Although it’s meant to be a practical way to get around downtown, some will argue that it’s not very practical at all. However, if an out of towner has something negative to say about the People Mover, a Detroit native will probably come to its defense. Plus, no matter how you feel about its practicality, it’s hard to ignore that it’s pretty cool to look at.

Vernors Ginger Ale

Canada Dry might be most people’s preference when it comes to ginger ale, but when in Detroit MI its all about Vernors. This Detroit-based soda is the oldest ginger ale brand in the country, and it’s definitely something that locals are proud of. Although some may see it as just a soda, it’s actually much more than Detroit where people often use it as ‘medicine’ to cure upset stomachs.

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