5 House Maintenance Tips for Seaside Homes

As great as it is to live in a seaside home, maintaining such a property is a challenge. If you find keeping your home by the seaside is getting too difficult, try to keep these five house maintenance tips in mind.

1. Inspect Your Roof Regularly

The weather in coastal regions can be nasty, so you will want to make sure that your roof is in good shape. Check your shingles regularly for damage, especially if you’ve had a storm recently. Replace any damaged slates or shingles as quickly as possible to avoid water damage.

2. Clean Your Windows Often

While it’s important to clean your windows no matter where you live, it is especially vital when you live near the ocean. The salt from the sea air accumulates on your windows and creates a foggy or even crusty look. Regular cleaning will help to “unstick” salt particles, giving you clear windows and preventing metal frames or runners from corroding. If you’re not sure how to clean seaside house windows, contact a company like A-Plus Window Cleaning for help.

3. Avoid Metal Parts Whenever Possible

Speaking of corroding, you will notice this a lot with your seaside property. Stick to fiberglass frames for your doors and windows whenever possible as these will not be corroded by sea salt. If you must have metal in your home, use stainless steel or aluminum if you can. They won’t be as resistant to corrosion as fiberglass or vinyl, but they will be more resistant than other metals.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Siding

Seaside homes tend to take more of a beating from the elements than houses in other regions, so inspect your siding regularly. Spray the exterior of your home every so often to remove any salt that has built up, remembering to dry thoroughly to prevent mold and water damage. The wind can blow a lot of sand around, so look for signs of damage from this as well.

5. Varnish Your Timber

If you have any timber on the outside of your home or elsewhere on your property, remember to re-stain it seasonally to prevent water damage. A good stain will preserve any wooden elements you have, but it will only last so long.

A seaside home can be a beautiful and relaxing environment, but only if you take steps to keep it safe from the elements. Keep these five tips in mind, and remember to repair any problems you see before it becomes too expensive to do so.


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