5 Of The Best Things About Living In Daytona Beach FL

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For many people, living in Florida seems like a dream come true. No state tax, beautiful beaches, and warm weather all year-round certainly sounds like paradise. But with Florida being so big, picking the perfect place to settle down can be a little tough. While Miami and Orlando usually get most of the attention, there are lots of other great options to pick from – Daytona Beach FL is one of them. Not as large as some of Florida’s other cities, Daytona Beach offers a city-life in a small environment. And of course, as the name suggests, Daytona Beach has plenty of great beach options. So if you’re on the fence about adding Daytona Beach FL to your list of potential places to live – don’t hesitate. Keep reading for 5 of the best things about living in Daytona Beach FL.

Daytona Beach FL Is Close To Other Cities

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Florida is a pretty big state. Depending on where you live you can feel a little isolated. However, that won’t be an issue in Daytona Beach. The city is in close proximity to Orlando (51 miles) and Jacksonville (86 miles). So taking a weekend trip away from Daytona Beach won’t be too difficult.

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Beautiful Beaches

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The beach is the first thing that most people think about when they think of Florida. So for out-of-towners moving to the sunshine state, living in an area near the beach is a must. Daytona Beach, as the name suggests, is situated right on the water. Aside from Daytona Beach itself, there are also several other beaches nearby.

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Low Cost Of Living

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Aside from the beaches, another thing that attracts many people to Daytona Beach is the low cost of living. Not only is the cost of living in the area much lower than the natural average, but it’s also much lower than the state’s average.

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Lots Of Natural Beauty

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If you’re the type of person who loves to get outside, you’ll fall in love with Daytona Beach. The city is full of lots of beautiful natural scenery, and there are parks and trails where you can get outdoors and enjoy all of your surroundings. On top of that, lovely year-round weather means that you can enjoy the outdoors during any season.

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Lots Of Things To Do

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Nobody wants to live somewhere where there isn’t anything to do. And honestly, it’s nice to not have to look to hard when you’re interested in having a good time. The good news is that Daytona Beach offers plenty of activities such as the famous Daytona 500 race.

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