20 Modern Living Rooms With Open Floor Plans

living room with open floor plan

When it comes to homes, there is almost nothing more appealing than open floor plans. With these spacious designs, homes can feel larger and more comfortable, and those who love entertaining know that having an open floor plan is a must. Think about it, if you’ve ever been to a home with an open floor plan, you probably instantly noticed just how clean everything looked. With that being said, if there’s one room that really benefits from the concept of open floor plans, it’s living rooms. After all, when it comes to entertaining guests, the living room is the main stage, and it’s important that this space be inviting and free.  While some prefer more traditional designs, open floor plans allow people to put their creative juices to the test, and define the rooms for themselves. There’s nothing better than making your space truly reflect who you are, and with these designs, the possibilities are endless. If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, or simply want to see just how appealing open floor plans can be, you’re in luck. Here are 20 modern living rooms with open floor plans.

modern living room with black carpet

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open living room with large window

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breathtaking open living room design

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open floor plan for modern living room

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open living room with white couch

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open floor plan for living room and kitchen

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large open living room with white couch

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open living room with white leather couch

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open living room with hardwood flooring

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living/dining room with open floor plan

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apartment with open floor plan design

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open floor plan with large window

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beautiful living room design

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all white open living room

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