20 Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas

modern living room with orange interior

No matter what size living space you have, the interior design of your living room is pretty important – especially if you’re looking for something modern. Although there are several different styles, most people want the absolute best when it comes to their living rooms. After all, if there’s one room that gets a lot of traffic, especially when guests are over, it’s the living room. During holidays, parties, or small gatherings, the living room is the perfect place for hosting, and because of that, you want to make sure that it’s both welcoming and comfortable. With that being said, modern living room interior design is a pretty hot topic, and it’s one that has a lot of people wanted to redecorate their homes. No matter what type of look you’re going for, there’s something out there that will fit your taste. When you think of modern, you probably think of something sleek and smooth, and that is exactly what these living room designs have to offer you. Here are 20 modern living room interior design ideas.

Modern living room design with a classic touch

image via hngideas.com

Modern white living room

image via awesomebuilding.xyz

Modern living room interior with white and black sofa

image via nlods.com

Sleek living room with large window

image via homeflazz.com

Modern living room with blue floor square

image via sweethousedesign.com

Modern living room with bright colors

image via home-designing.com

modern living room with hanging shelves

image iseecubed.com

Modern living room with chandelier

image via xplodia.com

Modern living room with large couch

image via stylemotivation.com

Modern living room with wall art

image via davidrennert.com

elegant modern living room

image via saranamusoga.blogspot.com

modern minimalist living room

image via newmaddecor.blogspot.com

modern living room with fireplace

image via bodywork.com

black and white modern living room

image via createdhouse.com

modern living room with glass table

image via imageion.com

living room with black leather furniture

image via houzz.com

living room with lime green on couch base

image via bidehome.blogspot.com

Sleek white modern living room

image via general-contractor.co

Modern living room with different colors

image via decoist.com

Small modern living room

image via mrblackwarhammer.blogspot.com

lead image via vibrantecolorbar.blogspot.com


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