20 Living Rooms With Floor To Ceiling Windows

beautiful large modern living room

In houses and apartments everywhere, floor to ceiling windows are highly sought after. There’s just something about having large windows that people love. Not only do floor to ceiling windows tend to give rooms a much more spacious appeal, but they’re also great for bringing natural light. Aside from simply brightening a room, natural light is also good for both mental and physical health. It’s no secret that people are happier when they spend a lot of time in the sun light, and the nutrients given to us by natural light are essential. In addition, natural light can also help lower your electric bill. Of course, some people have concerns about privacy when it comes to floor to ceiling windows, but with all of the window treatment options out there, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you can enjoy your windows and your privacy at the same time. Take a look at 20 living rooms with floor to ceiling windows.

living room with wood floors

Floor to ceiling windows and an open floor plan are a perfect combination. Not only is this space bright, but it’s easy to move around in as well.

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contemporary living room with large design

If your home has an elevated design, or you have a living room on the second floor, floor to ceiling windows can be especially appealing.

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beautiful spacious living room design

If privacy is a concern with your floor to ceiling windows, you might want to invest in some curtains like these.

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living room with beautiful view

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful view? Thanks to their large size, floor to ceiling windows make it easy to look outside and enjoy your surroundings.

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beautifully decorated modern living room

Why have just one window when you can have an entire wall of beautiful floor to ceiling windows?

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modern living room with beige sofa

Some floor to ceiling windows can even be combined with a sliding door that leads directly outside to a patio or deck.

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modern living room with dark furniture

The fireplace may be the focal point of this living room, but the windows still manage to steal the show.

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modern living room with fireplace

When selecting the perfect place for your floor to ceiling windows, you’ll definitely want to consider the view. There’s no point in having large windows that have a terrible view.

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living room with beautiful floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows aren’t just for single family houses. They can also be found in many luxurious city apartments.

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modern living space with cool design

If you have floor to ceiling windows, you may be able to cut back on alternative light sources.

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living room with floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows can come in a variety of sizes and designs. While some prefer a more traditional look, there are also some great contemporary options.

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living room with modern fireplace

This beautiful modern living room has an open and airy design thanks to its large windows and high ceilings.

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beautiful living room with accent wall

Regardless of the size of your windows, picking the perfect layout for your room is always something you’ll want to think about.

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beautiful white living room design

Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, this living space has a design that is the perfect balance between elegant and relaxing.

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living room with chandelier

If your property has an amazing view like this, why not show it off with a living room full of large windows.

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beautiful living room with wood trimmed windows

Nice wood trim is a great option for your windows.

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living room with chandelier and white ceiling

Another great thins about floor to ceiling windows is that they can look good in both casual and formal spaces.

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modern living room design

This picturesque view can be seen everything from the comfort of the living room.

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beautiful living room with large windows

Smaller panes give these large windows a unique look that adds character to the room as a whole.

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living room with built in shelves

If you love natural light, you’ll definitely be a fan of this bright and cozy set up.

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