20 Living Rooms With Exposed Wooden Beams

living room with hardwood flooring

Living rooms are usually the biggest areas in a house. They’re also the place where people go to hang out with their friends and family, or sit and decompress after a long day of work. For those reasons, people want their living rooms to look and feel good. While there are lots of factors that go into making your living room look great, nothing sets the tone like exposed wooden beams. These large wooden beams which can be seen going across the ceiling can add a bit of flair to the typical living room design. If you don’t have exposed wooden beams, the good news is that you can have them installed. Of course, this is probably something you should hire a professional for, and not turn into a DIY project. Although they’re most commonly associated with the rustic look, they’re versatile enough to be able to blend in with any design. So if you’re going for a more contemporary look, exposed wooden beams can still be a great fit for your living room. Exposed wooden beams can look great in more traditional living rooms as well. The possibilities are nearly endless. If you love beautiful living rooms, you’ll definitely love these designs. Check out these 20 living rooms with exposed wooden beams.

beautiful living room with chandelier

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living room with beautiful ceiling

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lavish living room with carpet

image via designingidea.com

lavish living room with carpet

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elegant suburban living room

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living room with area rug

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living room with ceiling fan

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traditional exposed wooden beams

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natural living room with light wooden beams

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living room with beautiful brick walls

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modern living room with white design

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living room with rustic woden beams

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spacious living room with stone fireplace

image via lovehomedesigns.com

beautiful modern living room with wall art

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living room connected to dining space

image via beeyoutifullife.com

rustic living room with wooden beams

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living room with wooden beam ceiling

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modern living room with globe hanging lamp

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wood paneled fireplace

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living room with wooden table and wall plates

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