20 Kitchens With Beautiful Painted Cabinets

spray painted blue cabinets

When it comes to kitchen, cabinets are very important to the design. How your cabinets look can set the tone for your entire kitchen, especially if the space is small. After all, if you’ve ever walked into a kitchen with raggedy cabinets, you probably noticed them immediately. Although many people opt for stained wooden cabinets, painted cabinets are also a great option. By painting your cabinets, you can incorporate color into your kitchen, and add tones and shades that you love. Since kitchens are typically relatively plain when it comes to color, many people see painted cabinets as a welcome change. On top of that, painting your kitchen cabinets is inexpensive, and can provide your kitchen with an entirely new look. Plus, if your cabinets have been looking a little worn, using paint to cover them may be a great alternative to replacing them all together. Sure, cabinets are meant to store all of your favorite kitchen items, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good, too. If you’re looking to add some color to your kitchen, painted cabinets could be exactly what you need. Check out these 20 kitchens with beautiful painted cabinets.

kitchen with beautiful light green cabinets

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kitchen with white painted cabinets

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kitchen with mint green cabinets

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gray kitchen design with hardwood floors

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kitchen with beautiful wooden countertops

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kitchen with painted cabinets

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colorful kitchen design with painted cabinets

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farmhouse kitchen with green cabinets

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small kitchen with classic design

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kitchen with traditional cabinets

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kitchen with painted gray cabinets

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kitchen with nice green cabinets

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kitchen with dark green cabinets

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kitchen with dark wood flooring

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kitchen with white cabinets

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contemporary kitchen with colorful cabinets

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painted oak kitchen cabinets

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kitchen with white cabinets

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kitchen with tall painted cabinets

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kitchen cabinets painting ideas, kitchen cabinets, painting ideas

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