20 Gorgeous Kitchen Designs With Corner Sinks

kitchen with white cabinets with frosted glass

Kitchen designs can come in a wide variety. From various layouts and sizes, to different accessories and amenities. However, one kitchen feature that we don’t see very often is the corner sink. True to name, these sinks are situated in an angle on the corner, and can provide your kitchen with a unique look. While some may think that a corner sink is strictly for aesthetic purposes, they also have some other interesting benefits that you may enjoy. People with small kitchens should definitely consider corner sinks as these designs are known to save space. According to a source, ” a corner sink may free up floor space, letting more than one person do kitchen chores at once.” On top of that, corner sinks can also save counter space which is something that can be beneficial in kitchens of all sizes. Corner kitchen sink designs can also provide some additional storage space. “The modified wedge shape of a cabinet under a corner sink creates ample space to stash cleaning supplies, kitchen gear and other odds and ends, and also allows more room for plumbing pipes.” So, whether you want to save space or create more, a corner sink might be just what your kitchen needs. Here are 20 gorgeous kitchen designs with corner sinks.

beautiful kitchen with cabinets

image via http://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

kitchen with wooden cabinets

image via decoist.com

kitchen with large corner sink

image via houzz.com

stainless steel kitchen corner sink

image via homedit.com

beautiful kitchen corner sink with wooden cabinets

image via https://www.pinterest.com/digipicture2003

classic kitchen with corner sink

image via rssing.com

corner kitchen sink

image via http://casualhomefurnishings.com

kitchen with colorful backsplash

image via messiya.com

kitchen with wood floor and stainless steel appliances

image via decorpad.com

kitchen with black countertops

image via barrez-vo2.us

beautiful kitchen with hanging lamps

image via http://www.decorationtrend.com

great kitchen with black countertop

image via http://www.wearefound.com

beautiful kitchen with green cabinets

image via beeyoutifullife.com

kitchen with light blue cabinets

image via http://www.kilatunik.com

contemporary kitchen with large windows

image via http://www.mhcustom.com

kitchen with white cabinets

image via https://www.oldtownhome.com/

tuscan kitchen with glazed cabinets

image via indulgy.com

beautiful contemporary kitchen with corner sink

image via diknows.com

kitchen with wooden cabinets and drawers

image via dufell.com

black and white kitchen design

image via ikea.com

lead image via decoist.com



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