20 Beautiful Ceramic Shower Design Ideas

Roman style ceramic shower

When it comes to shower design ideas, most people don’t even know where to start. After all, with all of the things in your house that could stand to be remodeled, the shower probably isn’t very high on the priority list. However, after seeing some of these designs, you’ll probably start thinking of ways you can spruce up your shower – and one of the best materials to make that happen is ceramic. Using ceramic to design your shower can help give your space a unique and beautiful look that can really transform your entire bathroom.Whether you like colorful designs, or something a little more simple, ceramic can definitely meet your needs.Plus, ceramic tile is cheaper than some of the other popular alternatives like marble, and can be purchased for as low as 49 cents per square foot. With that being said, it’s kind of hard to go wrong with something that is both attractive and affordable.  If you want to see just how incredible ceramic can look in your shower, these designs will give you the perfect taste. Here are 20 gorgeous ceramic shower design ideas.

Shower with dark ceramic tile

image via decorcamp.com

Bright colored bathroom design

image via andrearazzauti.com

beautiful ceramic tiled shower

image via irepairhomes.com

Brown ceramic shower wall

image via imageion.com

contemporary ceramic bathroom design

image via detroitgreenmap.org

ceramic tiled shower

image via homearttile.com


image elepho.com

shower with sitting area

image via greenvillecityguide.com

shower with mosaic ceramic wall

image via www.netzug.com

green ceramic tile design in shower

image via www.festmih.net

Luxurious bathroom design with ceramic tiled wall

image via www.decokepo.com

bathroom with multi colored ceramic tiled wall

image via roombowl.com

simple shower tile pattern

image via seatbolts.com

contemporary swedish bathroom design

image via bmorelive.com

Luxurious bathroom with patterned tile

image via www.rozgadani.com

beautiful bathroom with a chandelier

image via oaktreelife.com

large shower with brown ceramic wall

image via chantiki.com

Bathroom and shower combo with tiled design

image via bathroomdesignideass.xyz

white and black bathroom with ceramic tile

image via afroglobe.com

Large bathroom with ceramic shower floor

image dhome48.com

lead image via hgtv.com


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