20 Freestanding Tub Designs On Platforms

beautiful bathroom with large freestanding tub

Freestanding tub designs are a popular choice for many people who have large bathrooms. Since these tubs are not attached to the wall, they work best in bigger spaces. However, while freestanding tubs are usually situated on the floor by themselves, it is also possible to have them placed on a platform. Placing a freestanding tub on a platform allows the tub to steal the show. This option also allows you a bit of additional creativity. From wood to stone, there are lots of materials that can make a great platform for your freestanding tub. The elevated nature of being on a platform makes the tub look dignified and important. As mentioned earlier of course, this set up will certainly require some extra space. So if you have a small bathroom this may not be the best option for you. If you love soaking in the tub, then these designs will definitely appeal to you. Not only will your freestanding tub be the perfect place to relax, but it will also bring a whole new element of style into your bathroom. Here are 20 freestanding tub designs on platforms.

large bath tub on platform

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bathtub on large wooden platform

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bathroom with glass enclosed shower

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bathroom with hardwood flooring

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freestanding bath tub on marble platform

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bathtub on wooden platform

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bathroom with dark hardwood flooring

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freestanding bathtub on black platform

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bathroom with lavish chandelier

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oval bath tub on platform

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large glass enclosed bathroom shower

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beautiful modern bathroom design

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stylish contemporary bathroom

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freestanding bath tub with claw feet

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beautiful black and white freestanding bath tub

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contemporary bathroom with quality glass moasiac

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wooden freestanding bath tub on platform

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comfortable japanese style bathroom

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freestanding bathtub enclosed in glass

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master bathroom with freestanding tub

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