20 Modern Gyms With Incredible Views

fitness center with view

Let’s be real, working out on a regular basis is a pretty difficult thing for most people to commit to. Although we all want to have beach bodies, spending your time eating ice cream on the couch is much easier than heading to the nearby gym and doing intense cardio. With that being said, we could all probably use an extra push to make our time in the gym a bit more enjoyable. Well, what could make the gym more enjoyable than a beautiful view? Think about it, running probably wouldn’t be so bad if you could look out and enjoy some natural scenery while you were doing it.

Although most gyms aren’t focused on giving you awesome views of, well, anything, there are some that are. Whether it be glimpses of the mountains, or a chance to sneak a peek of the beach, gyms with views are becoming more and more popular, and it’s very easy to see why. If you’re looking for an extra push to burn those calories, these gyms might just do the trick.

Here are 20 modern gyms with incredible views.

fitness center with pool view

image via riva-preconstruction.com

relaxing home gym with view

image via www.2014interior.com

modern gym with a view

image via www.turtlebayresort.com

home gym with great view

image via decoist.com

gym with ocean view

image via bajasmart.com

home gym with beautiful ocean view

image via www.jaslam.com

second floor home gym with view

image via www.homedesignetc.com

Gym with bayfront view

image via www.iconbay-condos.com

gym with view of the mountains

image via www.davidmixner.com

lavish gym with great view

image via www.gymventures.com

yoga gym with great view

image via www.fleetfoxes.org

hotel fitness center with beautiful view

image via www.hotelwailea.com

fitness center overlooking ocean

image via www.anniefitzsimmons.com

home gym with mountain view

image via www.womenfitnessmag.com

modern home gym with view

image via housetodecor.com

luxurious home gym

image via www.homestratosphere.com

simple gym with beautiful view

image via www.decoraid.com

beautiful home gym with great view

image via www.jaslam.com

home gym idea with cool view

image via evercoolhomes.com

gym with city view

image via www.executivestyle.com.au

lead image via www.kiwicollection.com


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