20 Of The Most Creative Wall Coat Rack Designs

coat hooks made of hammers

Whether you live in a place that experiences harsh winters, or a place that’s pretty warm year-round, it’s always nice to have a coat rack. However, traditional coat racks can be a little unsightly. Lots of people don’t want a big wooden stand-alone coat rack taking up space in a hallway or living room. This is where wall coat rack designs come in. Not only are these racks fully functional, but they can also blend in with your home’s decor when they aren’t in use. This means that they don’t have to be eyesores in your space. On top of that, a wall coat rack can also be a great DIY project for people who are feeling creative and also want to build something that will benefit their entire home. Even if you don’t have many coats to hang, you can also use a wall coat rack to hang cats, bags, scarves, and many other items that may be currently cluttering up your entryway. When it comes to keeping your home clean, proper storage is key. A wall coat rack can be a great way to help your home stay organized and neat free while also providing a little bit of style. Take a look at 20 of the most creative wall coat rack designs.

cool wall coat rack

image via boredart.com

coat rack made of old door

image via espacebuzz.com

yard stick coat rack for wall

image via countryliving.com

DIY coat rack made with screwdrivers

image via http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/

cool DIY tree coatrack

image via lushome.com

coat rack made of old knobs and locks

image via homedit.com

wall mounted coat rack made from tree branches

image via http://www.yuyek.com

yellow zebra coat rack

image via homedit.com

modern hallway coat rack

image via decoist.com

cool brown wooden coat rack

image via tradingbasis.com

wall mounted coat hook

image the handymansdaughter.com

colorful diy coat rack made from a pallet

image via homedit.com

creative animal tail coat rack

image via http://aawsvh.org


wall coat rack with colorful design

image via nanobuffet.com

diy hanging rack

image via decoist.com

wall coat rack made from ladder

image via curbly.com

horse shoe coat rack

image via villagecigarindy.com

awesome rustic coat hook

image via teamne.net

coat rack made of coat hangers

image via http://aawsvh.org/

lead image via http://www.mihome.xyz


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