20 Of The Coolest Bed Couch Designs You’ve Ever Seen

big and comfortable couch bed

If you love relaxing on the couch just as much as you love sleeping in your bed, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of these awesome bed couch designs. I know, you’re probably thinking ‘the last thing I need is another reason to be lazy,’ but trust me, being lazy has never looked so good. Unlike the typical ‘couch bed,’ these pieces of furniture aren’t just couches that are capable of folding out into beds. Instead, these designs are oversized couches with enough space to be used as a bed. That’s right, your couch can be a bed at the same time. These bed couches are great for home theater spaces where comfort is key. Available in a wide variety of designs and materials, these pieces of furniture can be great for any space. Their large design allows them to accommodate several people at once, and can be great for sleep overs and family fun nights. Even if you don’t have a home theater, a bed couch could be the perfect fit for your living room. Unfortunately for those with small spaces, these bed couch designs are better suited for larger spaces. Are you ready to add a whole new level of comfort to your home? Take a look at 20 of the coolest bed couch designs you’ve ever seen.

big couch bed for living room

image via sebits.com

beautiful oversized couch bed design

image via ugu.us

fabric sectional with bed design

image via southnext.us

cool couch bed design

image via papayablog.com

bed couch with storage

image via AliExpress.com

large oversized couch and bed combo

image via donald.xyz

cool and comfortable day bed design

image via ilovemytel.com

cool small day bed design

image via imgrum.net

oversized couch with enough space for bed

image via joykuru.com

oversized leather couch

image via http://www.cocohills.co.nz

beautiful sun room with day bed

image via https://www.pinterest.com/Diva5228/

gray oversized couch and bed combo

image via modshop.com

colorful oversized couch design

image via houzz.com

cream couch and bed combo

image via modshop.com

brown suede oversized couch

image via https://www.furniturestorelosangeles.com/

lead image via sheknows.com


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