20 Beautiful Marble Kitchen Countertops

exterior view of store When most of us walk into a store, we're so focused on whatever it is that we need to buy that we often don't pay too much attention to the way the store is designed. However, this store is one that even the most focused shopper won't be able to ignore. Located in Japan, the Maruhiro Flagship Store was designed by Yusuke Seki and built in 2015. Known for being the area's leading Hasami ceramics producer, Maruhiro's design focused heavily on incorporating what the store does best. Making use of ceramic items, the designers used mugs to build flooring platforms that are able to hold large amounts of weight. Although the overall design is relatively simple, it still manages to be interesting and stunning. Take a look at the beautiful Maruhiro Flagship Store. imperfect ceramic mugs Although these mugs may not look like much, designers were able to use them to build very strong platforms. According to the project's description, "Each of these pieces called “Shinikiji” in Japanese, were found to be flawed after the initial bisque-firing by their respective local production facilities. As part of his re-valuative design process, Seki revived these pieces, using them to make bricks, and transforming them to a new architectural material for this occasion. " view of wooden shelves Not only can these ceramic mugs withstand human weight, but they can also hold furniture as well. room with blue accent tables Since the design of this space does not rely heavily on color, these blue accent tables provide a nice pop. view of platform made for ceramic mugs From the side, it is very interesting to see how these mugs and bowls have been stacked in a way that allows them to act as flooring. screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-3-23-56-pm Since the ceramic pieces were stacked so high, wooden steps were used to provide easy access to the platform. view of wooden shelving Wooden blocks have been incorporated into the space to act as display areas as well as extra storage units. images via architizer.com

For years, marble countertops have been a popular choice for those looking to add a littlest of extra luxury to their kitchen design. Although marble is well-known for being an expensive material, there are many inexpensive types of marble that may be attractive to people who are looking to save a few bucks. Either way, many believe that the look and feel of marble are well worth any extra expensive that may come along.

However, while marble kitchen countertops will definitely add some style to your space, they do require some maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. Before deciding to install marble kitchen countertops in your home, keep in mind that you may find yourself having to take a few extra steps to keep them clean and sleek. But if you’re willing to do the extra work, marble kitchen countertops might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

For those who are looking to give their kitchen a bit of a boost, these designs will help you see some of the possibilities that exist with marble countertops. Here are 20 beautiful marble kitchen countertops:

kitchen with light colored island

image via designingidea.com

simple marble kitchen counter

image via www.lifeingraceblog.com

traditional kitchen with marble counters

image via houzz.com

sleek modern countertop

image via www.countertopguides.com

red marble kitchen counter

image via graniteandmarblebydesign.com

large kitchen island with marble counter

image via www.remodelingcalculator.org

sleek marble counter

image via https://www.pinterest.com/maradaniel

white marble kitchen counter

image via homebunch.com

calcutta marble kitchen counter

image via decorpad.com

all white marble kitchen counter

image via evafurniture.com

fake marble kitchen counter

image via www.allnitegraphics.com

beautiful marble kitchen counter

image via ubitech.co

gray marble kitchen counter

image via ajc.com

kitchen with hardwood flooring

image via www.allnitegraphics.com

all white kitchen design

image via stonesource.com

beautiful farm house kitchen

image via www.adpsurfaces.com

dark colored marble countertops

image via www.homedesignbiz.com

white marble countertop on black island

image via www.greatlakesgm.com

kitchen design with marble counter

image via all1kitchen.com

michelangelo marble kitchen counter

image via www.greatlakesgm.com

lead image via hgtv.com


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