20 Beautiful Kitchen Designs With Stone Sinks

stone kitchen and countertop

Kitchen design is extremely important. Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. As a result, this room is one that people like to feel proud of. Even if you’re not someone who enjoys cooking, the kitchen is a tough room to avoid. When people have company, their guests usually end up in the kitchen at some point, and this room is as much about socializing with friends as it is serving food. For that reason, everyone wants their kitchen to look its best. Part of accomplishing that is making sure that your kitchen is comfortable and stylish. While lots of kitchens look pretty similar, there are some nice — and somewhat subtle — things you can do to make your kitchen feel a bit more unique. One of those things is installing a stone sink. Although most of kitchen sinks are made of metal, stone is also another great choice. Stone sinks are easy to clean and are  resistant to stains. Most impressively, however, is the fact that stone sinks can be cut to fit any design. This brings a new level of flexibility to your kitchen design. If you want to see if a stone sink could be right for you, these examples can help you get a good idea. Here are 20 beautiful kitchen designs with stone sinks.

farmhouse kitchen with stone sink

image via houzz.com

beautiful stone kitchen with wooden countertop

image via http://www.signaturehardware.com

modern kitchen with stone sink

image via http://www.sonomastone.com/

round stone kitchen sink

image via zitzat.com

large stone sink for kitchen

image via http://countertop.iconloungesf.com

traditional kitchen sink made of stone

image via portalntn24web.us

stone sink with soapstone countertops

image via http://www.wearefound.com

belgium black basalt kitchen sink

image via old-sinks.com

large kitchen sink made of stone

image via doitzer.org

outdoor kitchen with sink made of stone

image via stoneagecreations.com

large soap stone sink and countertop

image via http://chal.thelionsrampant.com

farm house kitchen with stone sink

image via houzz.com

beautiful kitchen with hanging lamp

image via http://www.haskellinteriors.com/

rustic modern kitchen sink

image nouw.com

kitchen with stone sink and white cabinets

image via www.foodking.us

polished white marble kitchen sink

image via http://giapaan.com

soapstone kitchen sink with wooden cabinets

image via pranaycoffee.com

double stone kitchen sink

image via http://www.pinshell.com

flat stone kitchen sink

image via indulgy.com

beautiful marble sink for kitchen

image via http://www.marblexinc.com

lead image via http://countertop.iconloungesf.com/



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