20 Of The Most Beautiful Floating Staircase Ideas

beautiful wooden floating staircase

Staircases are something that most of us see every day, but they’re not something that we usually pay attention to. Stairs serve a practical purpose – and for most of us that’s it. When it comes to staircase ideas and designs, they tend to look the same. However, in modern architecture, staircases have been reclaimed – and they’ve become a big part of the design. Thanks to a modern design, floating staircases can instantly transform your space. With lots of options, floating staircases have become one of the most popular. These stairs, which appear to be floating, are typically fixed to a wall. Their unique appearance means that they are sure to turn heads. However, aside from their visual appeal floating staircases still do what you expect them to do. On top of that, they can make your space look bigger, and in some cases – they can be used as additional storage space. If you’re trying to come up with staircase ideas to take your house to the next level (literally), then you definitely want to consider a beautiful floating staircase. Take a look at 20 of the most beautiful floating staircase ideas.

wooden floating stairs

image via decoist.com

square floating staircase

image via PixeWalls.com

beautiful exterior floating staircase

image via ashleyhomesohio.com

beautiful exterior floating staircase

image via decoist.com

cool unique floating staircase

image via blogarama.com

wooden staircase with floating design

image via hometrenz.com

cool box stairs attached to wall

image via homedit.com

pretty staircase floating on wall

image via irastar.com

beautiful interior staircase with wooden design

image via http://amhomeflooring.com.my/

beautiful modern floating staircase

image via http://bloombety.com

outdoor entertainment space with staircase

image via Homyxl.com

dining space with with glass side

image via http://wattcentralswing.com

concrete floating stairs

image via homedit.com

nice floating staircase with thick glass

image via http://wattcentralswing.com

living room with floating staircase over couch

image via http://www.panoramio.com/

nice floating staircase with railing

image via Homyxl.com

beautiful staircase in modern home

image via https://www.homebuilding.co.uk

interior space with orange accents

image via http://www.idealhome.co.uk/

cool floating black stairs

image via diyhomelife.com


image via myfancyhouse.com
lead image via homestratosphere.com


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